Live Review: Delusion: The Blood Rite 2nd Annual Haunted Attraction

With Halloween just around the corner, fans of scare fests will be glad to know that “Delusion: The Blood Rite,” presented by Haunted Play, has returned with more interactive features. For those unaware, Delusion is not your typical horror fest. Dubbed as an interactive play produced by Jon Braver and Neil Patrick Harris, attendees actually take part in the story. Without a doubt, this hands-on approach offers a much more enhanced experience unlike any Halloween attraction currently out there.

Last year, upon entry guests made their way through a historic Victorian mansion’s front lawn, which contained images and documents pertaining to the interactive scenes in the horror play.  Guests were guided through the entire mansion and experienced paranormal activity, stunts and frightening images that we still remember to this day.

This time around, upon entry guests are able to hang out in a new lounge area containing a bar and food truck.  The wait is about 1-hour so guests have plenty of time to relax and eat before being called to join a group of 10 to tour the mansion.

Interactive Play 

The Haunted Play ($45.00 per ticket), does a great job of explaining the premise of the attraction: “You’ve finally returned from The Great War to face an even darker pain. Your nightmares have become unbearable. It is not only the gunfire, or severed limbs landing by your feet that haunt you. It is the mansion, your former home…and her voice.
Come home.  Help me free our father from the darkness.
Time and again, she has called upon you in your dreams, pleading for help with a task she cannot perform alone.
Help me end his suffering and I will end yours.
Each night, her pleadings grow stronger.  Her words burn deeper into your mind.
Find the grave…bring me the vial!
It is unavoidable. You’ve chosen to forget this place, yet ultimately your torment drives you back to the dark mansion to confront whatever it is that keeps sanity just out of reach.”

Audience Participation

Groups of 10 walk through the Victorian mansion where everyone has to complete a task they’re chosen for. Daring guests can volunteer and take part in dancing with a crazy characters, being chained against the wall and/or being sacrificed. This year, the play duration was longer, scarier, actors were top notch and the interactive play contained much more stunts. Without a doubt, the event is one of a kind and to avoid spoiling the overall experience, you’ll have to check it out for yourself.


The turn-of-the-century mansion is located in the Los Angeles West Adams district. If the house looks familiar, it’s because it’s been home to Hollywood horror movie classics such as Rob Zombie’s Halloween and more.

Know Before You Go 

Before we entered the house, we were warned that we would be touched.
There’s street parking.
Do NOT wear heels to this event.
Turn off your phone or leave it in the car.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

Without a doubt, this is the best haunted attraction we’ve been to and we highly recommend you check it out.

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