L.A. Fashion Week Exclusive: Interview with LUICA Fashion Designers

Luis Mendoza and Yesica Medina debuted their Luica Fall 2012 Collection during Los Angeles Fashion Week this past Tuesday. Creating looks for both men and women, we wanted to catch up with the two designers to learn about their fashion goals, their line and the lessons they’ve learned being in the industry.

What inspires you and Yesica and what makes Luica so unique? 

We take a lot of things into consideration when designing for Luica. Both Yesica and I are truly inspired by vintage finds. Some of our favorite decades are the 50’s 60’s & 70’s. Although we love bygone eras, we also make sure that all of our pieces look fresh and new in today’s contemporary market. Our silhouettes and fabrics are most certainly up to date and trend right.

What is the best piece of advice someone has given to you? 

(Luis) Someone once told me that everyone’s worst enemy is themselves. Any obstacle that is put in your way can be overcome in order to reach your goals. I have found that to be very true. This business is fun and at times glamorous but definitely tough as well. There will be many times when people will not believe in you or your craft, but that should not be looked at as a deterrent. Perseverance is key, your talent will do the rest.

Do you have any advice for designers just starting out? 

Experience will definitely help you. We have been designing for other companies for about 8-years now and it has truly shaped us into the designers we are today.

What is the toughest experience you’ve ever had to overcome?

(Luis) Moving to Los Angeles and arriving with only $70.00 to my name had to be one of the hardest situations I have ever faced. I didn’t know anyone and had to figure out my employment & living situation by myself. Luckily everything seemed to fall into place within a couple of days! Someone must have been looking over me!

What’s your ultimate fashion goal and what have you learned while trying to accomplish your goal? 

We would love to see Luica become a leading go-to fashion house for those individuals that really want to make a statement through fashion. Showcasing our line at L.A. Fashion Week made us realize that all the hard work we put into each garment really did make a difference and we’re extremely proud of the outcome.
Ultimately, we want Luica to alter the landscape in fashion. We want women and men to fall in love with fashion all over again. Unique garments with unexpected details and the merging of woman’s wear and men’s wear across our collection is sure to set any individual apart.

Is there anyone you wish to work with? 

There is so much great talent out there that it would be hard to choose! We’ve however have had it in mind to work with a great artist to create beautiful one of a kind prints that would compliment our line. So if there are any creative minds out there let us know!!

What’s your favorite look that is simple to create, budget-friendly and always fashionable? (For women and how about for men?) 

For women, the LBD (little black dress) should always be your best friend. This look has been tried and true for decades! Theres so many ways to make this look “new & now.” Pair it with some bright tights, your favorite heels and some funky accessories and “voila” you’re set!

For men, you can never go wrong with a dapper look. Choose a great blazer in a bright color, pair it with some dark great fitting cuffed trousers and some great slip on loafers. You’ll be looking polished with not much effort.

Who has influenced you the most in your life? 

(Luis) My mother has greatly been a big part of why I chose fashion for a career. As a child, I remembered her showing me photographs of herself in 70’s floral bell bottoms and chunky platforms. That moment made me realize that I could express myself through fashion and it really did catapult my obsession with the fashion industry.

How has your Los Angeles Fashion Week experience been so far? 

Truly amazing! We were ecstatic to see the major positive feedback we received from buyers, fashion bloggers and various media sources at the event. We look forward to participating in more events like this one.

Are you working on any projects and where can we expect to see your line next? 

We have been busy expanding our Fall 2012 collection and cannot wait to showcase it in the near future. We will be attending the next “Focus” event at the Cal-Mart in order to have our line available for customers throughout California & other states.

Where can we find your designs? Stores or online? 

Our line will be available for sale online at luica-la.com at the end of March. We have also been in talk with a few local retailers to have our line in their shops. We will announce any boutiques carrying our collection on our site. Also, make sure to follow us on Facebook: facebook.com/luicafashion, Twitter: @luicafashion for up to date news and info on everything Luica!

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