Live Review: DELUSION Offers Best New Haunted Interactive Attraction

For those looking for a legitimately scary and different type of Halloween event, the Haunted Play’s DELUSION is hands down the BEST we’ve experienced in the Los Angeles area and we’ll tell you why.

Interactive Play
There are lots of “Halloween Haunt” events this time of year and many of them get the job done when it comes to offering a few scares here and there, but none are like DELUSION. This Haunted House is for adults and if you’re freaked out by movies like the Exorcist, then you would not last here.

Not only was there a story line, but this attraction forces you to join in on paranormal activities that take place right before your eyes. You not only watch it happen, but you experience it. It’s like we were thrown into a combination of all the scariest movies from our childhood, including the Exorcist and Poltergeist. Put it this way, we experienced legit fear. The effects, acting and story line were hands down top of the line.

Audience Involvement
Unlike many Halloween events, each attendee served a purpose in the story and was guided through the creepy Victorian house and forced to face realistic “characters,” who never broke character. Without spoiling the story, there were awesome special effects, sounds and yes, we were grabbed a few times, which enhanced the experience.

Upon arrival, the 106-year-old Victorian house was lit by a green light and we noticed it was located across the street from the original house where the movie, People Under the Stairs was filmed. Inside, it was like walking through a maze where each room was a set where the theatrical production housed various story plots.

The turn-of-the-century mansion is located in the Los Angeles West Adams district. If the house looks familiar, it’s because it’s been home to Hollywood horror movie classics such as Rob Zombie’s Halloween and more.

The Master Mind
Hollywood stunt man Jon Braver did an awesome job of finding the talent, location and fronting his own money to put this event together. Stay tuned for our interview with Braver here on Disarray Magazine.

Know Before You Go

  • Before we entered the house, we were warned that we would be touched.
  • There’s street parking.
  • Do NOT wear heels to this event.
  • Turn off your phone or leave it in the car.

General Admission tickets are $40 each.

Want to go again a second or third time during the same night? Then, the “Multiple Entry for the Reckless” is your ticket, which is available for $60.

Got a private party (group of 10)? Then save 20% and get your friends to pitch in for tickets at $320.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

Without a doubt, this is the best haunted attraction we’ve been to and we highly recommend you check it out.

About the Author

Formerly an editor at Demand Media, writer at Citysearch, The Examiner, LA Youth Newspaper and proofreader at The Los Angeles Daily News, Christy Buena decided to start Disarray Magazine because she missed writing what she wanted. From hiring writers, to contacting publicists and making assignments, Christy is responsible for the editorial strategy of Disarray Magazine.

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