ADULTCON 2011 – Day 2 Gallery


Downtown Los Angeles was bustling this past weekend as three events simultaneously took place around the Staples Center: the Bridal Expo, X-Games and ADULTCON. However, we weren’t in downtown L.A. to scope out wedding dresses or to watch Shaun White bust a jaw-dropping heelflip body varial frontside 540. We were there to pop our ADULTCON cherry and attend the ultimate adult entertainment playground, fan fair and sexual lifestyle expo, filled with provocative and erotic entertainment. So, here’s a recap from a few ADULTCON noobz.

Over the past few months, we’ve covered a few events at the Los Angeles Convention Center including the  Anime Expo. We (my photographer and I) have never covered ADULTCON at the L.A. Convention Center before. So,when we found out that our writer was unable to cover the event as planned, we scurried to find replacement writers but to no avail. Everyone was afraid – including ourselves but, it was clear we could’t let the approved media pass go to waste. In the name of research, we scoured the internet for past ADULTCON videos to see what we could expect and the footage we saw made us even more nervous. Feelings of fear, intimidation, and to be honest, excitement came over us.

As soon as we got to the convention center and checked in, we tried to find the event, got lost and ended up at the Bridal Expo. We realized a couple was following us and we led them to the wrong expo. (We thought it was hilarious that the Bridal Expo was held the same day as ADULTCON). Finally, as soon as we found Hall G, where ADULTCON was taking place, we walked the red carpet and were then greeted by security guards who made sure we weren’t carrying pepper spray or pocket knives.

Once inside, the event was fully equipped with today’s adult starlets, up and coming porn stars, she-males, curvaceous go-go dancers and their bodyguards (Kuya Protection), burlesque shows, topless wrestling matches, live music and vendors selling everything from penis lollipops, sex toys and female apparel with sayings like, “If your dick was as big as your mouth, I’d be interested,” and “I have the pussy, so I make the rules.”

ADULTCON attendees ranged in age and consisted of couples holding hands, fraternity guys, men wearing dog collars, women with their girlfriends and even protesters who gathered outside of the convention with signs that read, “Porn destroys marriages.” From what we saw inside the event, however, porn actually brought couples closer together. We saw husbands and wives looking at vibrators, whips and paddles. We saw supportive women happy to see their men excited as they bought $5 autographs and took $5-$10 photos with their favorite, nearly naked adult actresses.

Nikita Esco
Aja’ Chachanhsy
Aja’ Chachanhsy
Shemale Yum booth: Angelina Torres, Michelle Austin, Khloe Hart

Nikki Delano

All the women (porn starlets and go-go dancers) were extremely confident and comfortable in their own skin, no matter what size they were (big, petite,etc). These girls exuded strength and a confidence that even I was a bit envious of. They knew how to work the room and were personable, friendly and cared about their fans.

For full coverage, (and risque images) check out the slide show below to see which of your favorite porn stars made an appearance at the event:


We went to ADULTCON and realized there was no reason to be afraid, nervous or intimidated. Sure, there was a dungeon area where we saw whips, knives and collars, but it wasn’t as shocking as we thought it would be. Before attending the event, we were afraid of what we might see, but it seems like we’ve become desensitized due to images and videos in mainstream media, which are far worse than anything we saw at ADULTCON. So in the end, the event was very tame.

Either way, if you are hesitant to attend the next adult expo, if you’re afraid to be around people who enjoy porn, if you’re afraid of what you might see, if you think people will make you do things you don’t want, put your preconceived, judgmental notions aside. You’ll realize there’s nothing to be afraid of and if you’re open minded,  you might actually enjoy it! In the words of Lavar Burton of Reading Rainbow, “You don’t have to take my word for it.”

Check it out for yourself. For more information about ADULTCON, visit: 

All photos taken by Markus Alexander 

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