Live Review: 3rd Annual L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival

The 3rd Annual L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival, held in downtown, was an event fit for fans of laughter and lovers of all things comedy. The Sponsors for the event consisted of Funny or Die, / Comedy Central Originals, Revel Stoke Spiced Whiskey, State Tax Credit Exchange, Elevate Lounge and Takami Sushi&Robata Restaurant. The entire venue was filled with talented directors, comedians, and actors who illustrated the evolution of storytelling: from long form to shorter attention grabbing techniques.

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Ninja Sex Party was a prime example of how musical comedy and rivalry can lead to success. Dan Avidan, (Danny Sex Bag) and Brian Wecht, (Ninja Brian), corky personalities with the vision of director Jim Turner, built a perfect unity through their music videos. Their music videos titled, “Decision” and “If We Were Gay,” were both featured at the L.A. Comedy Short Film Festival and had an overwhelmingly warm response.

Watch “The Decision” below:

The constant banter between Danny Sex Bag and Ninja Brian helped to create likability and familiarity for the audience to relate to. Dan, Bryan and Jim are currently living in New York and have a mutual love for Quantum Leap, Weird Al Yankovic, Kung Fu Movies, Dinosaurs, Unicorns, Ghostbusters and 80’s movies. Dan owns a 10 ft. banner that glows in the dark of the legendary rock band Rush and the most random fact is Brian Wecht is actually a Physicist. These guys have a simple goal in life, to make people laugh. Through their personalities and humility, these 3 guys will be a force to be reckoned with in the near future, so prepare for Ninja Sex Party.

Check out Ninja Sex Party’s “If We Were Gay,” below:

Big Dog Eat Child produced a music video called “What Up Little Kid?” Pedro Castro, Jim Gainer and director Ramiro Castro Jr. expressed their attitudes towards the youth of today. “We have known each other since high school and this comedy friendship has been running for more than 8 years. We were leaving from a White Sox game and these kids with backwards hats kept cutting in front of us and that gave the inspiration for the song. We have seen a significant decrease on how kids respect adults and it reinforced why kids are kids.”

Their humble outlook on the film festival and the great people they met throughout the festivities inspired them to make another film and come back stronger than ever. Other people that have helped significantly in Big Dog Eat Child’s success include Jason Nisavic, Brian Fox, Dan O’Dwyer, Brian Skaj and Matt Witkus. They also produced the soundtrack for another funny short that was in the festival called “Douglas.” Raymond McAnally (Douglas) tries to pick up on the girl of his dreams over the noise of his own. Every time he speaks, he has a condition of farting, “it matches my diaphragm and sphincter muscle when I’m trying to talk. It matches my volume, when I speak high and when I whisper, it eases out.”

Other highlights of the festival consisted of a great one on one Q&A portion with a celebrity panel. Stephanie Courtney (Progressive commercials), Larry Jo Campbell (According to Jim), Wayne Brady (Whose Line Is It Anyway?), Jeff Garlin (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Lynn Stewart (Pee Wee’s Play House on Broadway), Scott Thompson (Kids In The Hall) shared countless stories of what it means to make it in Hollywood.

The experience of watching peoples’ hard work, sweat, tears, dedication, time, and true expressions on the big screen made this experience worthwhile. Art is always subjective, however laughter is forever.

I wanted to say a special thanks to Artistic Director Gary Anthony Williams, Executive Directors Jeannie Roshar and Ryan Higman, Public Relations Carol Marshall, the entire staff of the L.A. Short Film Festival, and all the great directors, actors, and comedians who never stopped making me laugh.

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