Live Review: Hard Rock Hotel’s Halfway to Halloween Soiree

Halloween in Spring? No tricks, Just Treats at Hard Rock Hotel’s Halfway to Halloween Soiree!

Halloween came early this year in the form of access to an entire hotel, decently priced cocktails and some of the most successful Electronic Music Dj’s, not to mention rapper/music producer and occasional Dj, Lil Jon. In spite of the rain, the costume memo was not lost as party goers still stampeded the Hard Rock Hotel in Downtown San Diego on April 8th. From Pharaohs, to French Maids to Carebears, the theme to the night’s event seemed fully embraced by majority of the partygoers and even for those who put less thought (one guy in nothing but boxer briefs: did we mention rain?) It was all about the music and shedding the need to “fit in.”

Due to the aforementioned poor weather, the venue locations were reduced to two levels instead of three, but due to the high energy and constant visual stimulation of the atmosphere you really didn’t notice. The 1st floor venue was a dark, intimate space that was reminiscent of an underground Hip Hop room, except this one included private seating. The 2nd floor was more luminous, with a warehouse feel that included lush red velvet VIP seating that hugged the entrance, followed up by the main stage where dancers had “front row” access to see the main attraction of the Dj’s. Some of those attractions included Dj’s: Morgan Page, Nathan Scott, Sid Vicious, Tony Arzadon and Dj Kurch.

There appeared to be the perfect polarization of opposing musical genres with Electronica in one location, followed by Hip-Hop and Top 40 in another. The night hit critical mass around midnight with Lil Jon’s opening set on the 1st level playing current Hip-Hop hits by Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy and Wacka Flocka, just to list a few. At the same time, Morgan Page kept the upstairs crowd spellbound with his top tracks, which included “Fight For You” and “The Longest Road.”

It was obvious that part of the success of this event came from great marketing and promotions both by Hard Rock and promotions companies including Eventvibe, which often helps to publicize top level talent to premiere venues in San Diego. In the past, they’ve promoted for Above & Beyond and Project Ethos. Great aspects of the event included the extremely friendly hotel staff, the complimentary coat check, (who wants to lug around an umbrella all night?), and an all around great selection of Dj’s. They did an excellent job of keeping the liveliness of the evening at full throttle.

The costume theme of course helped to stimulate ones dormant antennae in terms of inspiring ideas for this year’s actual Halloween. For fans of Electronica, Hip-Hop or both, this event fully captured ones senses and most likely purged any negative emotional residue once your feet hit the entrance. It was easy to get lost in the moment and the ambiance triggered a deep wish for more half-way parties. Is it six-months to your birthday yet? Just saying!

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Kania Hayes is a graduate of Pitzer College and enjoys writing so much that she actually wrote a screenplay in one night. She currently works for FlawLes Media and Events and in her spare time delights in meditation, Trance music and shopping.

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