Exclusive Interview with Biatta Intimates Designer Kim Munoz

Article by Guest Reviewer Isabel Bowser / Creative Director of BIKINI SHELL

With everyone winding down from this last weeks hectic schedule of post L.A. Fashion weekend buzz, Bikini Shell’s Creative Director Isabel Bowser was able to catch up with Kim Munoz, the sexy and savvy genius behind this season’s collection of Biatta Intimates from the Fall Winter collection 2011 at Sunset Gower Studios and previously at the Peterson Automotive Museum. We had lots of questions to ask her and Ms. Munoz was nice enough to pick up her phone when we rang.

Published with permission:  Kai He Photography 2011©All Rights Reserved

1. Where did you get your inspiration from for this years collection? Was it something specific like a Diva actress or a secluded getaway?

KM: It came from a collaboration of different designers putting their ideas and thoughts to create the line. A big focus with the line and pieces was to make it so that they could be individually worn outside. For example the bustiers can be worn underneath jackets or with jeans. And our babydolls as dresses with tall boots.

2. Yeah that sounds very sexy. Your leopard print with solid lemon babydoll can be worn as a camisole dress and is extremely sexy and fun to wear out day or night this coming summer.

KM: Yes, we like to make our pieces to match outer wear as well and choose the fabrics with the same inspiration

3. What is the most important factor when you design a Biatta Intimates Collection?

KM: We like to look ahead at the season and the current trends in magazines, the colors, what is new for the year ahead and of course what other designers are doing. We also like to create pieces that are understandable to everybody and price affordable fashion.

Published with permission:  Kai He Photography 2011©All Rights Reserved

Price affordable fashion Yes! that’s something everybody likes:

4. Do you design for brunettes or blondes?

KM: We design for all Skin types, all shapes and all sizes. In fact Biatta Intimates has a Plus Size Collection.

Well that was a wrap for Kim Munoz and Bikini Shell’s Isabel Bowser. It was great to have the opportunity to hear first hand about the brainstorming involved and creativity to handle a collection like Biatta Intimates. Being a mezzanine company with a little under 500k in annual gross sales, they cover a full ground with collections being sold at Sears, Victorias Secrets, Nordstroms and other select boutiques.

See the entire show for yourself courtesy of Runway Icon. Visit their Youtube video channel.

Biatta Intimates Fall Winter Collection 2011 The Gallery LA Fashion Week

Published with permission:  Kai He Photography 2011©All Rights Reserved

About the Author

Growing up in Los Angeles and Monterey, CA; Issa took her interests to San Francisco where she studied under the school and thought of Xerox Park influences with the Director of Conceptual Design, where she received a BA in Fine Arts from SFSU. Prior to that, she had been developing her skills as a model, actress and Fashion Show Art Director in the club scene; gaining an internship with the prestigious MACY’s Passport Benefit for Aids Foundation as the Model Intern, all while working in the seats of Wall Street at her day job at BofA Securities as the 4am Trading Receptionist. Issa took all she learned from both the on-hands business and underground art world and recreated what she developed as a Conceptual Designer to form Bikini Shell. Issa also writes and performs celebrity interviews for her own Fashion Blog and is currently published in several magazines. Contact: issa@bikinishell.com

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