Live Review: Black Veil Brides Rock the House of Blues

Black Veil Brides were back home in L.A., performing at the famous House of Blues on the even more famous, Sunset Strip. The band hit the stage at around 9:40p.m. after the crowd chanted “Black Veil Brides” for a good 5 minutes.

As the fog appears behind a thin curtain covering the stage; almost like a ‘wave’, hands rise up into the air with “devil horns,” digital cameras and cell phones. As the curtain dropped, band member silhouettes can be now seen standing one by one on stage. As the lights brightened they were in their usual black clothing, scene black hair and their faces and upper bodies covered in black and white makeup.

Moments after the multiple camera flashes went off; the band went into “All Your Hate,” with singer, Andy Six, holding out the microphone into the crowd for the energetic fans to scream out the chorus. Without pause they go into “We Stitch These Wounds.” By that time the bass player’s, Ashley Purdy” microphone stand was decorated with bras, which were thrown on stage. Both guitarists Jinx and Jake Pitts took notice of the cameras and stuck their tongues out for photographers.

The photographers were ushered off the stage after the 2nd song, instead of the 3rd song, and it became clear why only after the band started their 3rd song, “Children Surrender.” A quarter of the way in, singer Andy jumped down from the stage and stood in front of the barricade. He stretched his hand as far into the crowd as he can and let the crowd sing the song. The pushing and shoving ensued by the enthusiastic fans as everyone wanted to be close enough to touch Andy Six.

Before going into the 5th song “Sweet Blasphemy,” Andy talked to the crowd giving them advice about how to deal with people who call them fags and how not to be bullied. During the song Andy took a sign from the crowd which read, “Talk shit we love hearing it.”

“When we wrote this song, we were categorized as “emo” and I don’t know why anyone would think of us as emo if we didn’t think of us like that. So whether you like this song or not, this song is called, “Knives and Pens.”

The song ends with the whole band, except drummer, Christian Coma, exiting the stage. Christian performed a few-minute long high powered, energized drum solo. As soon as he finished the crowd cheered and the band came back on stage to wrap up their set with “Perfect Weapon,” a perfect song to finish off the night. Starting with good guitar riffs and a scream to start off the song, the crowd jumped and some even moshed. All of House of Blues sung the chorus and the night ended with Ashley Purdy smashing and destroying his bass guitar. As it broke in half, he threw it into the crowd and left the stage.

After the show many fans stayed in the pit waiting for drum sticks and guitar pics, which eventually the lucky ones got. Andy Six was later seen near the bar as excited fans crowded around him. He stayed for about 5 minutes talking with the fans and told them about the meet and greet. The lined formed around the inside of the House of Blues and shortly after the band came out, signed things and spoke with fans.

Though the concert only consisted of eight songs and a drum solo, the band gave the crowd a night to remember, with memorable moments including Andy Six going into the crowd multiple times, Purdy smashing his guitar and most importantly, the band taking the time to meet their fans. What fan would be disappointed after a night like that?

All photos by Nicole Lemberg 

About the Author

Nicole Lemberg is a teen concert photographer, reviewer, and band interviewer. She recently started her own website and her work has been published on numerous music related sites. She is a point and shooting guard on her high school basketball team. In her free time Nicole goes to concerts and hangs out with friends.

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