Live Review: Project Ethos Hydrates the San Diego Fashion Scene

Fashion got a little aquatic with Project Ethos’ kick off fashion event officially sponsored by Vitaminwater zero™ on February 25th at the upscale San Diego nightclub, Fluxx. The night included distinguished artwork and a musical performance by rap artist, Mann who has hit singles featuring both 50cent (“Buzzin”) and Jason Derulo (“Text”). The trifecta of unique fashion, art and music offered three stages of amazement throughout the evening, which were all enhanced by the backdrop of the runway.

Upon entering the nightclub, one was immediately taken aback by the rich hues of red and orange that illuminated the stage. The succulent hues of crimson and subdued yellows reminded us of the opening scene to Kanye West’s music film, “Runaway.” The parallel of Kanye’s opening act, which included an explosive entrance of his love interest landing into the earth’s stratosphere as a fiery ball, partnered with the opening of the Project Ethos show that included ballerinas dancing to Kanye’s hit, “Dark Fantasy,” pulled all of the moving parts of a music enthused production into an inspiring visualization of creativity.

There was a packed house of eager onlookers, with many visitors sitting in the varied VIP sections, along with others utilizing what seemed to be standing room only on the periphery of the center stage. Whether people were sitting or standing, the energy in the room seemed to be high with anticipation from the very start of the evening. Perhaps contributing to their eagerness was the “Flavor Fashionista Challenge,” presented by Vitaminwater zero™, which challenged designers to create pieces inspired by their popular drink flavors.

The catchy flavor titles included, “Drive,” “Rhythm,” “Goddess,” and “Triple X,” amongst others. These themes seemed to seamlessly play out through many of the collections that were featured, which all appeared to impart an ethereal sense of youth and femininity. Aside from this very basic commonality, there was a distinct difference between each featured designer, which seemed to renew your senses and ignite your curiosity as each line was introduced.

First to “runaway” on the catwalk was Cardiwrap by Kymaro. The multi-use of their signature cardiwrap was revealed by the models that showcased the different ways that the wrap could be worn.

Next up was Frederick’s of Hollywood Swimwear Collection, which presented pieces utilizing sequins and rhinestones.

Frederick’s of Hollywood Swimwear Collection

 Third in line was The Stacie May Collection, which offered flirty, multi-colored dresses along with a vibrant red “roller-skating” jacket.

Fourth was the Kenneth Barlis Collection, premiering a more formal collection of dresses that utilized all things fancy, such as feathers, tulle and chiffon.

Keisha Audrey

 Fifth, to hit the runway was Keisha Audrey, whose Fall 2011 line was inspired by The Mesopotomian Gods with pieces created with fabrics such as tweed, Channel Jacquard, and Polyester Mesh. Lucky number six in line was, Yrenne Landeros, which seemed to offer the edgiest of looks utilizing her warrior inspired collection which included one piece entitled “the ribcage tank”. Last but definitely not least was The Tatiana Z Collection, which featured pieces using delicate lace and fringe offering a very chic look to cap off the end of the show.

Project Ethos definitely hit meteoric heights with its own endorsement of fashion, art and music’s rising stars. This particular event brought life, culture and edginess to the San Diego fashion scene, complete with flair and a strong nod to those who are “up and coming”. The evening seemed to be well balanced with the use of a thriving brand such as vitaminwater zero™, set against the background of those who are striving to gain their own mainstream success. All in all, this event provided a perfect window into the artistic and creative world of new music, fashion and art while maintaining a strong sense that even though one may still be striving to reach their plateau, it can all be done with fun, whimsy and of course a touch of style.

All photos by Kania Hayes

About the Author

Kania Hayes is a graduate of Pitzer College and enjoys writing so much that she actually wrote a screenplay in one night. She currently works for FlawLes Media and Events and in her spare time delights in meditation, Trance music and shopping.

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