Fashion Recap: Parke and Ronen, Graffinis Swimwear and Heart Attack

Article by Guest Reviewer Isabel Bowser / Creative Director of BIKINI SHELL

As things wrapped up down the street at Sunset Gower Studios, the night was just getting started at Club Vanguard in Hollywood as fashionistas waited in line for a night of runway looks and cool beats courtesy of DJ Lovehouse. Presentations at L.A. Fashion Week’s Swim Vanguard consisted of Parke & Ronen, Graffinis Swimwear and cool urban skate styles by Heart Attack.

Bi-coastal Fashion Week veterans, Parke & Ronen brought symmetrical and bubble print swimwear to the runway. Their Spring Summer 2011 collections ran the gamut displaying looks that could easily bring out your inner beat boy. Their swimwear made for great gift ideas for the houseboy lounging by your pool. You can find their selections at their modest Melrose Boutique in West Hollywood at 8012 Melrose Ave.

Graffinis owner Paul Cartelli sent us his fab collection from New York City in sexy low cut maillots and teeny bright colored bikinis. The girls looked hot and the crowd at Vanguard loved it. Get styles from for hot and sexy urban street, right up your alley swim wear.

Next on the runway was Tim Neff, an L.A. transplant, who showcased his latest collection for Heart Attack. What better way to describe this urban trend by the man himself? As Neff puts it, Heart Attack is “rock and roll meets hipster meets skateboard maniac” clothing. The styles are shockingly loving and easy to embrace. Keep up with Neff and his latest looks at

Photographer: Le’Andre Bell 

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Growing up in Los Angeles and Monterey, CA; Issa took her interests to San Francisco where she studied under the school and thought of Xerox Park influences with the Director of Conceptual Design, where she received a BA in Fine Arts from SFSU. Prior to that, she had been developing her skills as a model, actress and Fashion Show Art Director in the club scene; gaining an internship with the prestigious MACY’s Passport Benefit for Aids Foundation as the Model Intern, all while working in the seats of Wall Street at her day job at BofA Securities as the 4am Trading Receptionist. Issa took all she learned from both the on-hands business and underground art world and recreated what she developed as a Conceptual Designer to form Bikini Shell. Issa also writes and performs celebrity interviews for her own Fashion Blog and is currently published in several magazines. Contact:

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