Artist Spotlight: Interview with Jamie Kovacs

Here at Disarray Magazine, we like to spotlight talented individuals, whether they be musicians, designers or artists. Today, we’ll introduce you to Jamie Kovacs, an artist who is inspired by musicians. Get to know Kovacs and her art.

Jamie Kovacs poses next to her art of musician Mike Ness

Can you tell us about your art? What inspires your style?
Since kindergarten, I fell in love with “Christina’s World” by Andrew Wyeth. From that point onward, I fell in love with art. I did nothing but draw, day and night. As I got older, in the tenth grade I went to study in Philadelphia at Moore College of Art and Design through scholarship. For three years, I spent every Saturday building my portfolio, and honing my drawing, sculpture, and pastel skills. Then, I went to Rosemont College to study Studio Art where I also worked under the direction outside of class with a Master artist John C. Klein. After I graduated I later went to study Graphic Design at The Art Institute of Philadelphia. I have been showing my art since 1997 at shows throughout Philadelphia and New York City. My entire life is based on art and music. I have skills in drawing, pastel, sculpture and my niche Collage.

I am a huge music junkie and I am always throwing myself into my subjects. Music and art are the only things that keep me going and I love doing my work on my favorite subject matter. The musicians help me create my work.

This type of subject matter never runs out. There will always be new actors, musicians and family members to do collages for. I also sign my work in an old school manner of sealing wax and wax seals. It’s a unique way of signing ones work.

I hope to one day have enough space to work as large as I can. So far, my largest piece I have is Johnny Cash sizing up to 36×48 inches. I love what I do.

I love art and I hope to be doing work for The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and Restaurants. That is my dream and my goal that I will not give up on.

Kurt Cobain by Jamie Kovacs

Bono by Jamie Kovacs

At what age did you realize you wanted to focus on this creative field?
Since the year 1999, what started out as a school project, evolved into something new and challenging. My work has involved the creation of concept based on pop icons being portrayed in a mosaic looking way. I began this as a school project working with Newspaper and rubber cement and hand ripped pieces of paper.. However, over time I came to realize that newspaper starts deteriorating and turning green, and the rubber cement dries up. So it was time to start using new materials.

From 2001 until recent, I have tried numerous types of paper to see what lasts the longest. I have tried over 20 different glues also to see what lasts and have found my glue. By doing this, I have expanded on a simple school project to immerse myself in a new style of art. By using recycled magazine paper (which people are always willing to donate) I am 1. Able to make my work environmental by using recycled product, and 2. Have found that magazine paper has a gloss to its paper, which gives the art a more classic iconic nature. Working in various shades of only black, white and gray keeping it iconic. Something that will be remembered and lasts.

At what age did you realize you wanted to focus on this creative field?
I knew I wanted to be an artist since kindergarten when my art teacher showed us a piece of art work by Andrew Wyeths. As soon as I saw the painting “Christina’s World,” I new I wanted to be an artist.

Are you working on any projects at the moment?
I currently have a show and have been commissioned for two large pieces. 1.Orsen Wells and 2. A self Portrait of my patron.

Are there any artists, musicians or icons in your industry you look up to? 
Who don’t I look up to? The Wyeth family, Picasso, Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Michealangelo, Geiger, Monet, Manet, Edward Gorey, Neville Brody, U2, New Order, Face to Face, Combat Crisis, The Clash, AFI, David Bowie, Murderdolls, The Barstool Saints, Guns N Roses, AS/DC, System of the Down, Slayer, Megadeth, Green Day, Korn, The Doors, Johnny Cash, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Evanescence, My Chemical Romance, The Sex Pistols, Black Flag, Pennywise, Minor Threat, Social Distortion, Misfits and Happy Campers.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in this field?
The only challenges I’ve faced are the materials, and how to preserve it and expand and make my work better.

Are there any lesson’s you’ve learned?
Keep on going. There is always something new to try. I strive to do new things.

What’s the best piece of advice someone ever gave you?
That’s a tough one. “Keep reaching for your dream and don’t ever let anyone bring you down, and don’t ever give up.”

What are some of your favorite projects to work on?
I love working on any new project that comes my way. Any person like Orsen Wells that I never would have thought of doing.

Of all your artwork, which was your favorite to create and why?
Mike Ness. I donated a piece for a charity and I did my first tattooed piece and 20×16. It was my favorite piece and was sad to see it go.

See more of Kovac’s art below:

Marilyn Monroe by Jamie Kovacs
Billy Holiday by Jamie Kovacs

Where can we see more of your work? Offline and online?

You can currently see my work for the next 5 weeks at Hair West Salon in Newport Beach CA, as for online it can be seen at or Jamie Kovacs Portfolio

What do you think of Jamie Kovac’s art? Let us know in the comments section!

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