Iwrestledabearonce Release Live Video For "The Cat’s Pajamas"

Iwrestledabearonce have released a live video for “The Cat’s Pajamas” shot during their month-long headlining U.S. Ghostbustour trek, which just finished October 24. Produced by Justin Beasley of KOTK Productions, the clip captures the raw intensity of IWABO’s live show. The video can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBqRqh9mMJM.

HK Army Clothing and MerchNow Present: The Ghostbustour also featured Eyes Set To Kill, Chelsea Grin, The Chariot and Vanna. IWABO and the tour received praise from the media, including Birmingham’s Black & White, which called the group “The hottest noise-rock band in America.” Writer JR Taylor continued, “Iwrestledabearonce is innovative in cramming plenty of styles into dense soundscapes (September 16, 2010).” Elsewhere, online magazine CheckItOutMusic.com praised The Ghostbustour, noting, “It was the fullest I have ever, ever, ever seen the space…It was just intense and so cool to hear Krysta sing and then be able to scream and then to say ‘thanks’ in between songs and sound like the girl next door. It was cool to see kids so excited about a show, and to see the size of crowd out on a Monday… (October 14, 2010).”

Known for their relentless touring and one-of-a-kind, fearless live shows, Iwrestledabearonce–vocalist Krysta Cameron, guitarists Steven Bradley and John Ganey, bassist Mike “Rickshaw” Martin and drummer Mikey Montgomery–will cross the Pacific in late November for their first-ever Japanese tour dates. IWABO are touring in support of their recently released It’s All Happening (Century Media Records) three disc deluxe reissue CD, which includes the It’s All Remixed bonus CD and DVD, featuring a variety of remixes and exclusive video. According to Rick Florino of ArtistDirect.com, “…the Louisiana electro-tech-grind-jazz-techno-metal outfit have a sound that’s so distinctly deadly it’s earth-shattering. There’s no genre safe from Iwrestledabearonce’s unbreakable sonic grapple…” (July 21, 2010).

The Iwrestledabearonce tour dates are as follows:

Japanese tour dates with FACT and Closure In Moscow:

Nov 26 Tokyo — Zepp Tokyo

Nov 28 Koriyama — Hip Shot Japan

Nov 30 Matsuyama — Salonkitty

Dec 1 Takamatsu — Dime

Dec 3 Hiroshima –Club Quattro

Dec 4 Okayama –Image

Dec 7 Osaka — Big Cat



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