L.A. Fashion Week Recap: CONCEPT’s Kucoon, Mike Vensel and martinMARTIN

L.A. Fashion Week is coming to a close and we’ve seen collections containing bikinis, dresses and jumpsuits adorned with sequins. Neutral shades, creams, nudes and grays as well as bold colors and animal prints graced the runway this past week. However, none of the shows we saw compared to the presentations at CONCEPT’s shows at Spring Art Towers in downtown L.A. We saw lines from Kucoon, Mike Vensel and martinMARTIN. When it came to presentation, CONCEPT shows offered an off the wall, overall artistic experience. The shows were visually appealing as they also offered installations featuring Valerj Pobega, Kittenhawk and n-frastructure.

Here are some of the notable photos from Friday’s event:

Stripes, lace, whites, grays and black outfits made its way down the runway for Kucoon’s collection.

For full runway coverage, check out the slide show below:


Mike Vensel
Out of all the shows we’ve seen, seeing dirt on the runway was a first for us during this L.A. Fashion Week. Mike Vensel presented body hugging dresses, bikinis, stripes, whites and black outfits sure to flatter any woman’s figure.

For full runway coverage, check out the slide show below:


When we last saw martinMartin back in March, we were stunned by the goth-chic outfits that graced the runway. This time around, martinMartin brought lace, leather, whites, blacks and edgy designs. See our coverage from last season:
Concept LAFW Wrap Up (March 2010)

For full runway coverage, check out our slide show:


All photos by Kathy Sandoval

Were you at this event? What did you think?

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