L.A. Fire Department Shuts Down LA Production Studios: Fashion Week Venue

We got an email late last night from Executive Producer of Los Angeles Fashion Week, Susan Costa, who notified us that the L.A. Fire Department shut down LA Production Studios, a Fashion Week venue that was to host designers all week. 

UPDATE 10/20/10: While LA Production Studios was one of the venues holding L.A. Fashion Week, there are still other shows going on around the city. Visit: http://fashionweekla.com/calendar/ (Many shows are invite only).

See the original message from Susan Costa, executive producer of L.A. Fashion Week:

Monday October 18, 2010 late in the afternoon, two days before Los Angeles Fashion Week is to commence The LA Fire Department, notified LA Production Studios that they would not provide an event permit for the event, with no explanation given, except that the building had some sort of a citation given in March. There has been 8 event permits given by the LA Fire Dept. within the past 7 months, to this same building. The building was completely renovated and on October 5, 2010 the city issued an increase of occupancy for this location and this event. The city of Los Angeles Department of building and safety also issued a permit for this event on 9 /30/10

LA Fashion week has designers scheduled to show form all over the world. There are two designers that have come from Hungry one designer from Africa and one from Mexico City, Mexico. As well as The Art Institute of Hollywood that has sponsored a show for 6 of their top students. Local Los Angeles Designers have been working on the presentation of their collections for months.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (quoted from the Los Angeles Times )
Villaraigosa points to those LAEDC statistics. “[Fashion week] makes so much sense,” he said. “But it’s not something the city is going to drive. Once it exists we’ll be right here, doing whatever we can as far as permits and venues and that sort of thing.” Asked what it would take for the city to get involved, Villaraigosa had two words: “critical mass.” “It won’t work if it’s a small group. It needs to be a critical mass – with all of the industry leaders involved.”

October 10, 2010|By Adam Tschorn | Los Angeles Times

Does this mean that the only way they will let LAFW happen is if, all of the industry leaders are involved and a big company is benefitting. Because this is not a “Critical Mass” trying to make local designers dreams come true, Los Angeles City will stop them.

Los Angeles Fashion Week Oct 20th to 25th has 18 designers scheduled to show.

Please contact Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and ask for this show to continue!
Mayors office 213-922-9730 Mayors Assistant Jessica 213-399-2122

Shows that were scheduled to occur are listed below:

Oct 21st Launching Labels

6pm L’ une Runway- Check in and seating from 5:15pm to 5:45pm Runway 6pm

8pm Priscy Ratcliff Runway Headliner show begins with Cocktail reception

9pm seating Runway show 9:30pm

Oct 22nd Emerging Designers

4pm Jen Awad Runway Check in and seating 3:15pm to 3:45pm Runway 4pm

Karen Ansorge Runway Check in and seating 3:15pm to 3:45pm Runway 4pm

6pm Daisy Gonzalez Runway Check in and seating 5:15pm to 5:45pm 6pm Runway

8pm The Art Institute Presents: Stand Out Designers
 6 students will present 4 looks each cocktail reception 8pm runway show 9:30pm

Oct 23

4pm Alana Hale Check in and seating 3:15pm to 3:45pm Runway 4pm

6pm Paulina Lopez Runway Show Check in and seating 5:15pm to 5:45pm
Runway 6pm Paulina is a well know designer from Mexico, she just showed in NY
and will be showing for the first time on the West Coast

8pm J. Whitley Jazmin Whitley the designer of the Li Cari label will be launching
her new lifestyle / casual line Runway show Headliner show begins with 8pm Cocktail Party
9pm seating 9:30pm Runway Show

Oct 24th World renown designers

1pm Frank Richard Oshodi Runway Check in and seating 12:30 to 12:50
Frank is a designer from West Africa and will be coming in from his show in Austria

3pm Bori Tóth and Anikó Németh are 2 Hungarian designers
that will be showing back to back Check in and seating 2:15pm to 2:50pm Runway 3pm

5pm Sjobeck Runway Check in and seating 4:30pm to 4:50pm Runway 5pm LA Based designer

7pm Blessed & Cursed Runway Check in and seating 6:30pm to 6:50pm Runway 7pm Germany based designer, is launching her line in the USA.

Media for Oct 24th Day events

8pm Li Cari Headliner show begins 8pm Cocktail reception 9pm seating 9:30pm Runway Show- LA based designer, Jazmin Whitley of Li Cari has shown at fashion weeks across Europe and will be showing in Brazil in Jan 2011. Her LA based company has grow into an international brand.

Grand Finale Headliner Li Cari by Jazmin Whitley begins at 8pm

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  1. Hey Brady, what exactly is a fire watch and how do you arrange for this? My friend is one of the designers scheduled to show her line and she's put so much money and time and effort into this that it will break her heart if the show is cancelled….


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