Carmex Releases Its First Tinted Lip Balm

Carma Laboratories Inc., the lip balm producers of Carmex®, recently released a brand new item: tinted lip balm. The products are called, “Carmex® Moisture Plus” and come in two different shades including a sheer pink gloss and peach tint.

“In our nearly 75-year history, these are our fist tinted products and we are very excited about them. They are an affordable way for women to give their lips intense hydration witha  slight hint of color,” said Paul Woelbing, president of Carma Laboratories.

Does this product stand up to legacy Carmex® brand lip balms? We got our hands on the two new products and will tell you what we think.

For starters, the balm itself is thin and taller than most lip sticks and lip balms. It’s small enough to fit conveniently in a pocket, clutch or purse. It contains a slant tip, which helps the product easily glide across lips.

The balms are ultra hydrating and glide on with a satin finish. The Moisture Plus products contain vitamin E, aloe, shea butter and avocado butter. It also has an SPF 15 to protect lips from harsh UV rays. A huge plus comes from the fact that the balms smell good and taste great. The product lasts just as long as any any other lip balm, so you need to reapply when necessary.

Currently, the new product is sold in all Walgreens locations for $2.99. If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, they have lip balms in jars, tubes and sticks.

The product is perfect for on-the-go travel, as demonstrated in the video below. It’s inexpensive and you get the benefits of Carmex® quality (hydrating, long-lasting, preventative lip care) and you get to kill two birds with one stone: You get the benefits of a lip balm and a sheer lip stick.

Here’s the finished product:

None we can think of. 

This product goes well with a light smoky eye and is perfect for a natural daytime look. This product is ideal for work or school. For a fresh look, wear with a pink blush brushed on the apples of your cheeks.

Did You Know: 
For more than 10 years running, Carmex® has been the most pharmacist-recommended lip balm; ranking number one in a national survey of over-the-counter lip balm products by Pharmacy Times magazine.

As the weather cools, this the product is a must-have item. For more information about Carmex® products, visit:

Do you own this product? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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