Live Review: Billy Idol @ The Palladium

Rock N’ Roll icon Billy Idol sold out the Palladium in Hollywood on Saturday August 14, drawing an audience between the ages of 15 to 50 years-old. Some concertgoers made the show a family affair and brought their kids to witness the rock star in action. Performing for 34 years in numerous successful bands, Billy Idol was surprisingly active running back and forth around the stage, fist pumping and getting everyone hyped. A shirtless Billy Idol even teased his female fans with seductive songs and thrusting pelvic movements. Face it, should we be surprised that Billy Idol reeled in a massive audience? Of course not. Without a doubt, the Palladium was at maximum capacity, the most packed we’ve ever seen. Needless to say, amongst the sea of fans, there was not a single person bored at this show. Fans were glad to know that Billy Idol still has it!

Unfortunately, due to crazy traffic in Los Angeles, we arrived at the venue as soon as Billy Idol took the stage. While stuck outside dealing with box office chaos, all that was heard inside the venue was the crowd going nuts. Billy Idol opened his set with “Ready Steady Go,” from the Generation X album and played the ever-so-popular, party tune titled, “Dancing with My Self,” as his second song. We can only imagine what was going on inside: fans most likely sang along to this song and the female audience most likely went ape s**t.

Finally inside the venue, Billy Idol was on his fourth song, “Flesh for Fantasy”. Fans went crazy singing along to every lyric as the rock icon performed hits right after another. Billy Idol played a two hour set and the crowd loved every moment of it. Were there lighters in the air? Check. Were there arms swaying side to side? Check. Were there costume changes? Check.

Billy Idol proved to be not only a rock veteran but a current and relevant artist in an industry where pop-princesses and lip-syncing “artists” are embraced. Billy Idol reminds us of what music used to be and it’s good to see that this guy is still rocking.

“Ready Steady Go” – Gen X
“Dancing With Myself” – Gen X
“Love Is Strange”
“Flesh for Fantasy”
“Sweet Sixteen”
“Scarred for Life”
“Eyes Without a Face”
“Kings and Queens of the Underground”
“L.A. Woman”
Steve Stevens Solo
“King Rocker” – Gen X
“Running With the Boss Sound” – Gen X
“Blue Highway”
“White Wedding”
“Rebel Yell”
“Mony Mony”

Were you at this show? Let us know what you thought in the comments section. Does Billy Idol still have it? 

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