Live Review: Lingerie Fashion Show + Devin Lucien @ Music Box

Devin Lucien headlined the Music Box Saturday night mixing a few 80’s hits with current pop favorites. Everyone in attendance got their grind on as Lucien worked his magic on the turntables. Attendees sang along to every song and as the night progressed, the venue turned into a sea of tipsy dancing bodies. The highlights of the night included two runway shows featuring the Daisy Gonzalez Collection and Cheaky Lingerie.

Devin Lucien headliner

Check out our full runway coverage:

After DJ Spider pumped up the crowed, sexy dresses and skimpy lingerie graced the catwalk. The Daisy Gonzalez Collection featured bubble bottom dresses, frilly necklines and symmetrical designs.

Next up was Cheaky Lingerie, which featured vibrant skimpy bikini bottoms and tiny tops on bodacious models. Here are our favorite looks:

Finally, Devin Lucien took the stage and shut the venue down with his infectious beats. He kept the crowd on a steady energetic high and some ladies danced so much they took their heels off. Here are some shots of the Deckstar DJ:

Devin Lucien

You can catch Devin Lucien as he spins all over Los Angeles. For more information, check out:

This event was hosted by Pete G from Superstars VIP. Want to attend the next event? Then, make sure to RSVP here.

Were you at this event? We might have snapped some photos of you. Check our Facebook fan page for your photo!

All photos taken by Markus Biegel

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