Best Los Angeles Boutiques

Everybody does it…
Some may do it once a day…
Others may do it several times a day…
Check out what others are wearing that is!

Have you ever been walking down the street and had the urge to ask a complete stranger where they bought their jeans? Do you use Post-It notes when you are reading fashion magazines to mark the pages as additions to your ‘wish list’? Have you ever been caught staring at someone’s shoes because you were trying to memorize every feature of them?

If so, you are like us and you love fashion! Sometimes, however, it’s challenging to discover where to buy the latest and greatest in fashion trends. Fortunately in Los Angeles we have a bevy of boutiques right in our own backyard that overflow with apparel and accessories to bring out that inner fashionista in all of us!

Principessa means princess in Italian. If there is one thing the Italians know, it is fashion, thus this store was appropriately named! The fashions at Principessa parallel the Abbot Kinney neighborhood in which the boutique resides. Both are funky without trying overly hard and have a sense of style but in a laid back, relaxed way. What we like at Principessa is that there is something for everyone, including unique locally made jewelry, vintage pieces, hip designer labels and great random pieces.

1323 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291

Looking for a place that has every designer from Alexander Wang to Zoe’s Tees? Look no further than Madison on West 3rd Avenue. We love that they carry some of the bigger name brands, yet still carry some ‘up and coming’ designers that are showing tons of potential (read: just as hip for half the price!) The shop isn’t overflowing with goods but that is okay because each piece is a gem. It’s also rumored they have some great sales so if you are a ‘Baller on a Budget’ sign up for their newsletter and stay tuned for the discounts. If you look great in the latest fashions, who needs to know besides you? (and us of course!)

8745 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Iguana Vintage Clothing
If your style marches to a different drummer then you must check out Iguana Vintage clothing which has two locations, one in Sherman Oaks and the other in Hollywood. These quirky stores are both spacious and carry a large selection of merchandise. Make sure you have plenty of time to shop otherwise you may just miss that ‘must have’ item! Whether you are looking to emulate M.C. Hammer for a costume party or looking for a dress from the 50’s to wear to the office, a la the women of Mad Men, Iguana is sure to have it. They carry men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing from your favorite decade, whether it be the 1940’s or the 1980’s.

Iguana Vintage Clothing
14422 Ventura Blvd,
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
Or a second location at:
6320 Hollywood Blvd,
Hollywood, CA 90028

Fred Segal
If one store could be described as the Mecca of Fashion in LA, hands down it would have to be Fred Segal. This iconic retailer has been the topic of many conversations in film and television portraying it as THE place where the rich and famous shop. Only here will you find it all – women’s, men’s clothing and accessories galore for both as well! This stylish store has two locations, Hollywood and Santa Monica to feed your fashion appetite. We recommend the Hollywood location because once you get tired of drooling over Italian leather shoes (does one ever really tire of that?!) you can indulge in some Italian food at Mauro’s Cafe which is located inside the store.

Fred Segal
500 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Or a second location at:
8100 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

We are confident you will find many new items for your wardrobe at one of these posh stores. In fact, once you step out in your new garb and fun new accessories, you will no longer be the one doing the checking out but rather, YOU will be the one getting checked out!

About the Author

Jennifer is a hospitality marketing specialist by day and owner of Ajenda Public Relations by night. Having obtained her degree in fashion, while working in the restaurant field, she is a self proclaimed fashion and food junkie. When she isn’t working or sleeping, she enjoys writing about her infatuations with pop culture, style, and local eateries. She can be contacted at

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