Q & A with Los Angeles Singer Rae


1. You just performed at Les Deux earlier this week and the crowd really enjoyed the show. How do you feel about your performance?
It was awesome, thank you DisarrayMagazine for coming out & giving me my first interview!!! The crowd had amazing energy, which always makes me perform better. I love meeting the fans & new people after the show- it’s what drives my creativity!

2. How long have you been singing? Do you play any instruments?
I sang just for fun growing up, but at 13, I realized it was something I wanted to do professionally.
I play guitar.

3. Are there any artists you look up to? Who are some of your influences?
Currently, I look up to my producer Jarvis Anderson from the band Iglu & Hartly. I also respect Fiona Apple, Imogen Heap & Sonny Moore. I am heavily influenced by 90’s alternative music.

4. Can you describe your first time onstage?
It was everything I ever dreamed of. The most natural high.

5. What are some of your favorite songs to perform onstage?
My songs “She’ll Come Around” & “Outta My Way”

6. Are you working on any projects at the moment?
I am in the middle of writing and recording my debut record & I am on my what I call “Little L.A. Tour” performing in different cool venues & clubs throughout L.A.

7. Where can we catch you next? Any upcoming shows?
I am playing The Viper Room on Sat. Sept. 18th, 2010 & some acoustic sets at Angels and Kings throughout August.

8. What’s the best piece of advice someone ever gave you?
Believe in God.

9. Do you have a site where new fans can visit and listen to your music?
I would love people to visit Myspace.com/ARaeThing

10. Anything else you’d like to add?
Feel free to burn my demo & spread the “Rae” word & come out and party with me at my next show!!

For our live review of Rae at Les Deux, visit: 

Live Review: Rae @ Les Deux


Rae recording artist


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