Fun and Fashion for a Cause: Povertees Fashion Show

Combining fashion and philanthropy, Povertees, teamed up with First Class Marketing to host a fashion show and pool party in Beverly Hills last week. The successful and widely attended event was sponsored by Amp Energy, California Pizza Kitchen, Togo’s, Blue Ice Vodka and offered an open tequila and vodka bar all day. That’s correct, all day. Whether you were outside by the pool, enjoying beautiful views overlooking L.A. or inside the spacious mansion, one thing is certain, if you attended the event you either had a great time or you were too intoxicated to remember.

Don’t fret. If the day was a blur, let me fill you in. Inside the multi-million dollar Beverly Hills mansion, bikini clad women and shirtless men sprinkled throughout the home, sipped free (bottomless) cocktails, mingled and caught a Unified People photoshoot in action. The models weren’t the only ones taking photos, though. Party-goers enjoyed the summer bash and posed for photos snapped by Doug Hac, Markus Biegel, Steve Buena and Brandon (Brando). Providing the soundtrack for the day was Arkah and Joey Flashback, among others.

Finally, it was time for the Povertees Fashion Show to begin. The unpretentious and tipsy crowd looked on as models strutted runway-style wearing pocketed tees, hoodies and tight fitted dresses. For those who don’t know, Povertees is on a mission to help the less fortunate by offering “pockets of hope, healing and revival”. They sew hand-made pockets onto T-shirts and sell them for $15 to $18. A portion of the event’s proceeds will go towards the Povertees Missionary, where they provide blankets, food and clothing to skid row’s homeless community.

Povertees mastermind Matt Donahue, explained his goals for starting the organization. “As poor college students, we don’t have millions of dollars to relieve poverty, but we can give our time and our hearts to this cause. Our hope is to transform the streets of L.A. one friendship at a time.”

Did you know: In Los Angeles alone, 42,694 homeless individuals were counted last year, according to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. Offering much needed support, Povertees stands behind its mission statement:
To spread the love of Jesus to the homeless of Downtown Los Angeles. [They] buy fabric and American Apparel shirts from Downtown LA, sew hand-made pockets onto the shirts, and then sell the shirts called “PoverTees”. The profits from shirt donations are used to buy more fabric and shirts, but more importantly the profits go directly towards helping the homeless. Any profits not used for production expenses go towards buying food, clothing, and blankets that we bring to the homeless community in LA. The main goal of our trips to LA is not just to bring food or clothing, but to build close relationships and to show people that the love of God has no boundaries.
So, for all who attended the Povertees Fashion Show and Pool Party, feel good that you partied for a great cause.

Here are some photos of the event.

Our favorite outfits include:

Last photo in the slideshow courtesy of CSUF Amp Energy
Disarray Photos by Steve Buena/Markus Biegel

Party photos below:

More photos can be found here: 
Photos courtesy of Doug Hac: C’est la vie | Facebook Album
Photos courtesy of Amp Energy CSUF: Povertees/ Beverly Hills Party!!! | Facebook Album
Photos courtesy of Povertees Group Album: Povertees Event Photos | Facebook Album
Photos courtesy of Disarray Magazine: Povertees Fashion Show | Facebook Album
                                                           Povertees Beverly Hills Pool Party | Facebook Album

For more information about Povertees and to get involved, visit:

Were you at this event? What did YOU think? Let us know in the comments section!

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