Summer Brings Bold Colors, Stripes and Denim

Summer is in full swing and with this season’s trends comes many options. You’ll find yourself asking where do I start? For starters, strip down to stripes and pair it with bold colors that silently scream, “New style with a classic look!” And let’s not forget about the safari patterns mixed and matched to create a look so daring that only someone with an imaginative eye can construe its outspoken statement.

The denim on denim look has crept its way back in and this time around it made a serious name for itself.

How chic is the beach look? Opt for cute bathing suit tops thrown together with tube dresses, flowing shirts, linen or cardigan pants and a hat to top it off.

Studs have transcended from a winter style to this summer’s leading accessory. Whether it’s on your clothes or dangling on your jewelry, it can easily change a plain ensemble to an outfit deserving of a second, third or fourth look.

It definitely takes somewhat of a skill to apply these looks accurately to your everyday wear, but it can be done. Every outfit, no matter how beautiful it is, in need of one main ingredient, and that’s confidence!

The stripes for instance, have taken over. They have been combined with many colors and styles, both night and day! In order to achieve that classic yet new age look, one must be in tune with their own personal originality, which usually leads back to confidence. Additionally, the safari patterns are definitely a “risqué” look when put together, but the bigger risk comes from not trying it at all. If you really want to catch the eye, be sure to not only mix patterns, but colors as well! This wouldn’t be an example of less is better!

This seasons denim has its special little way of not being at all forgotten and standing out amongst many styles. Denim shirts with denim jeans and skirts! It’s a very cliché look, however, many have found different ways to conceive a distinctive way of wearing this style. When wearing this,different colors of the denim should be considered.

Be whimsical and purchase summer dresses. Every lady should have one if not two. How easy is it to throw on a summer dress and be off with your day?! You will definitely thank yourself in the long run!

For those who have a knack for layering, don’t forget the little beach look! In case you’re wondering, “YES”, this can be worn off the beach! This is what makes it so appealing! Bikini tops under a low cut shirt or a dress can make you feel as though you’ve taken the beach home with you!

These are but a few styles that have graced summer this season, but are also the looks that many will make their own! Now how can you keep up with all these looks? Well it’s simple, think outside the box, and be open to peculiar. Treat fashion as it is, fine art in the form of a beautiful creation, and you to will find your distinctive style!

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