Hollywood Comes to the South Bay; Uber Promoter: Berry Bly

Tall, blonde with a charismatic smile and friendly demeanor, Berry Bly looks like the typical, unassuming beach boy. Originally from Virginia, Bly came to California after graduating Virginia Commonwealth University in 1991. He is now a long time Manhattan Beach native and popular South Bay club promoter.

His story is a typical one; small town boy arrives in big city, searching to find his place in this world. Bly found his niche after living in LA for only 4 weeks. In between handing out flyers to pretty girls in daytime promotions, he managed Rock and Roll Nights and Bikini Contests for the South Bay’s then hottest nightspot, The Red Onion.

Now, after 2 decades in the South Bay and in the entertainment industry, his reputation as the hottest club promoter here precedes him, and his email list of 35,000 brings in masses. Not just any people, but a glamorous, sophisticated Hollywood crowd. He was the innovator to bring the idea of bottle service to the South Bay, which at one time was only reserved for the Hollywood set. His history with the beach cities spans up and down the coast. His first job was at The Red Onion, and since then has promoted South Bay clubs such as Sapphire, Trio, 12th and Highland, Chakra, Harbor Dive, Harry O’s, H2O and more recently Zen and Upper Manhattan. He has helped struggling clubs and restaurants turn into the place to be. His end-of-summer Labor Day White Parties as well as his weekend birthday trips are social events in everyone’s calendar.

Bly recently launched his new company, HotSpotsWeekly.com. The website is a detailed online entertainment source that focuses on celebrities, nightlife, restaurants and in the South Bay. The website is soon expanding to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Westside and Downtown LA in October.

About the Author

Kimberly Fisher is a freelance writer based in Manhattan Beach, CA and Las Vegas, NV. She specializes in travel and lifestyle. Born with restless feet, she enjoys traveling and is always on the lookout for a new experience. So far she has traveled to over 37 countries and almost every US state. Her work has appeared in various English print and online media. Please direct inquiries to: k@kimberlyfisher.com

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