DJ Interview Series: DJGoc Talks Past and Future

As part of our DJ Interview series, we sat down with Gavin O’Connor aka DJGoc. He discussed his start as a DJ, the many places he’s been as well as his hopes for the future.

Gavin O’Connor aka DJGOC


Where you have been (places you have DJed):
90 Grad (Berlin, Germany)
Club MAO (Shanghai, China)
Black Box (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Club Hollywood (Milan, Italy)
Cuixmala (Careyes, Mexico)
Mokai (Miami, Florida)
Sky Hotel (Aspen, Colorado)
…and pretty much every hot club from Los Angeles to San Diego.

Where you are going (future bookings):
Brazil, Canada, and Bejing are in the horizon.

How did you get started:
After I was finished with high school, I scored a gig working for Irving Azoff at Giant Records.
I learned a lot from that job. At least that’s when the education began. Because I’m just gettin’ started!

What is the most outlandish thing you have seen at a club:
I was DJ’ing a “Children of the Night” fundraiser for (formerly a soft-core big boob website).

Hosting the party with Danni were all the girls from her site, about 80 showed up.

Before I go further I need you to think back to the last time you saw, in person, a girl with
boobs that are actually the size of 2 basketballs. There were 80 of them!!

For the cause, needless to say, the funds were definitely raised… so you know the Champagne was poppin’!

Halfway through the party, I look over my shoulder and see my boy Redfoo, before LMFAO,
with his red afro smashed between four of the biggest boobs on earth.

Absolutely outlandish! This memory will never leave my brain.

What you would never spin:
A Top 40 request.

Dumb questions people ask:
When I was a child my teacher’s taught me that there’s “no such thing as a dumb question.”

Then I became a DJ.

To my surprise I’ve been asked, more than a handful of times, to play
a song by 50 Cent….while I’m playing a song by 50 Cent.

This also happened a few times with requests for Britney Spears, Madonna, and Usher back when “Yeah” was hot.

DJ’ing has taught me that dumb people proved my teacher’s were wrong!


Your favorite DJ:
Too many to name.
Two to recognize are Roc Raida and A.M.

Best job so far:
DJ’ing a wedding reception at night on a private beach with wild animals and
Tahitian fire dancers in Careyes, Mexico.

Where you will be in 10 years:
Broadcasting live & direct from my home studio. …and everyone’s invited to tune in!

3 Words that describe you:
Yabba Dabba Doo

What people would never know about you:
I’m dead sexy.

If you weren’t a DJ, you would be:
An Actor or an Underwear Model.

What you do for fun:
For fun? I play “Marco, Polo” in alligator infested water.

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