Beatleology Gives Fans a Chance to Discover Their Inner Beatle

Beatles fans will now be able to distinguish their “Inner Beatle” with a new book titled, Beatleology: A Magical Mystery Tour to Discover Your Inner Beatle by Adam and Roger Jaquette. Comprised from a collection of personality tests, Beatlemaniacs can find out whether they match the iconic personalities of John, Paul, George or Ringo.

Beatleology is geared to be the new astrology. Fans will learn how each Beatle influences personalities and how it’s shaping their lives. Readers will be able to pinpoint their inner Beatle with questions like:

Are you creative, contemplating and charming, with a slight tendency towards insanity? John is your inner Beatle.

Are you energetic and optimistic, with a highly competitive disposition? You might be a Paul.

Are you spiritual and reserved, but often jealous of others? You’re a George at heart.

Are you social and loyal, but lacking patience? You’re probably a Ringo.

The book is available at and Barnes and Noble and priced at $14.95.

Have you read this book? Which Beatle are you? 

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