Review: The Black Crowes and Truth and Salvage Company at Club Nokia

The night began with Truth & Salvage Company as they were onstage getting the crowd warmed playing some amazing blues based rock. The band managed to get a good reaction from the crowd. However, the night didn’t hit full gear until the headliners of the night The Black Crowes took the stage.
The Crowes hit the night off with “Good Morning Captain” off their new album Before the Frost They started the song with the signature piano part in the beginning that had the crowd beginning to cheer.
With Chris Robinson taking control of the songs as a lead singer, you see an experienced and talented singer that today’s band s do not have because of auto tune. He was belting notes on stage with an amazing fullness to his voice that was keeping the crowd on their toes. This Blues Rock band had all their players on point that night from the guitars to the backup singers.
The way they locked in together is something that a band that has had years of touring on their belts would only be able to do; amplified by the audience singing along with the songs. The band was obviously not there to disappoint.
Their lead guitarist Luke Dickinson was on point the whole night with his solos. Amazingly perfect live; using his slide guitar to get these awesomely bluesy leads was just another spice added to the band’s sound.
In the middle of the Crowes set, they began this amazing cover of “Space Captain” by Joe Cocker that made the hairs on your arms stand up – it was amazing. Especially when they hit the bridge of the song and the whole crowd was wooing on command and the floor was shaking from all the dancing that was going on.
Following this intense high point, they got to the acoustic set of the night and started playing this spacey emotional acoustic song that cut through all the energy and brought it to a whisper that had the audience engaged.
Thought had been put into to their carefully crafted set list because they were taking their fans on a ride that night.
After the acoustic number they went into a techno driven beat song that was kind of weird coming from the Crowes, but was none the less still entertaining.
They ended the night with an amazing cover of “Feeling Alright” that had the audience just dancing around and screaming. It was amazing to see how into the concert the crowd was the place was packed from wall to wall and everyone was there for a great time.
The Black Crowes are definitely on the got to go list if blues rock is your thing.

About the Author
Eric Mora is a Los Angeles based Film Composer/guitarist and specializes in music. He hopes to one day become a powerhouse of film scoring. Always up for something new he is always looking to see what new sounds are out there. To contact Eric you can email him at

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