From the Land Down Under, The Kin Rock the Viper Room

The Viper Room was a packed house as Australian brothers Isaac and Thorry Koren, known as The Kin, took the stage and put fans in a zombie-like trance. Singing atmospheric and melodic songs filled with harmony, a few tracks were reminiscent of songs performed by other bands including Coldplay or John Lennon, but fans didn’t seem to care. They swayed back and forth, smiling at the duo onstage while some attempted to take pictures.
At one point, it was almost as if the band was about to perform John Lennon’s “Imagine,” but the song was The Kin’s own song titled, “Never Be The Same.” Nevertheless, the band’s music was something you’d expect to hear on a movie soundtrack or in a TV Show about teenage love gone awry, specifically the song, “One Thing.” The music starts off slow and then progresses to a repetitive chorus full of feeling and emotion.
Better yet, the band’s music would be best suited for driving down Pacific Coast Highway on a sunny day. The band succeeds at putting audience members in a mood, a relaxed state, almost like what happens when you listen to 80’s songs. Something about it, just makes you feel happy.
One minute, the band is playing upbeat, tunes and busting a beat box on the Australian instrument known as a Didgeridoo. This was an unexpected surprise which entertained the crowd.
The Kin obviously do one thing and that’s make their audience happy. Whether it’s the soothing harmonies or their songwriting which surrounds love and relationships, these two brothers deliver a dynamic stage presence filled with emotion, passion and a clear enjoyment of being onstage.
For more of The Kin, check out their latest album titled,  The UPside.
To see the band in action, check out live footage from their Viper Room performance:

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