Gwen Stacy’s Bassist Brent Schindler Talks About the Music Scene

Gwen Stacy’s bassist Brent Schindler discusses the band’s latest release along with the band’s upcoming plans and everything else in between.

1. Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Gwen Stacy and how long the band has been together?

Brent: My name is Brent. I am the bass player and I sing the clean vocals. TJ and I started the band almost 5-years ago.

2. Where’s the band from and what’s the music scene like there, any bands you’d recommend?

Brent: The band is from Indianapolis, IN. The music scene today is different than when we were coming up. I think it’s more of a punk hardcore scene now. There are a couple pop bands emerging as well. Check out My Hidden Track and Same As Sunday.

3. Is there a story or concept behind the title “A Dialogue”?

Brent: The concept is peopling in different situations ad their conversations with God. Think of it as getting to sit down with God and a cup of coffee.

4. With so many rock/metal/punk bands out there, what do you think makes Gwen Stacy stand out from the crowd?

Brent: I don’t know if anyone really stands out too much anymore, but I’d like to think that when we say we give a crap about the people that like our band, we really do.

5. How has the switch been between Ferret Records onto Solid State Records?

Brent: It’s been good. I mean as cool as having to switch labels can be.
6. Do you think this label is your new home for good?

Brent: There is a definite chance, but life is crazy so you never know.

7. Do you consider you guys to be a Christian band? Do you feel affiliated in any way to this term?

Brent: We have been a Christian band since our inception. I believe we still are, but that circumferences all stages of Christianity with the highs and lows.

8. What can one expect from a live Gwen Stacy show?
Brent: Hopefully some fun and music played decently well. I had a dude tell me we always give off positive vibes…so I guess some positive vibes.

9. Have any particular favorite songs that you like to play the most within your set list?

Brent: I really enjoy playing the new songs because they’re still new. But I honestly enjoy playing all the songs we play.

10. What would you like a listener to remember the mot after hearing A Dialogue all the way through for the first time?

Brent: I want them to walk away wanting to hear it again. At some point follow along with the lyrics and dive into the world we were writing from.

11. Have any plans for the remainder of this year, and what should we expect from you come next year?

Brent: We’re on a headliner right now and later this year after thanksgiving we’re doing another short run with our friends from Indianapolis, Amarna Reign. Next year is a blur. I’ve heard a lot of things, but nothing solid enough to talk about.

12. Any final words of wisdom?

Brent: Drink milk, stay in school, don’t do drugs, and go buy our new CD and come to a show. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in either.

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