In the Name of Chocolate!

Chocolate and Makeup – need we say more? This season has begun to tease us with a few showers and cold weather – chilly enough to embark on a hot chocolate mission. If you’re like every other chocolate maniac that faints at the slightest hint of chocolate, we’ve got a few delectable items that infuse this aphrodisiac into your regular beauty regime – minus the calories and after-guilt.

Let the scent linger.
You know how it is when that smell reaches your nose – all things stop, your eyes widen, and you start taking a few whiffs of what has to be one of the best and most addicting scents created – chocolate. From perfume to bath bubbles, indulge your senses and mildly torture yourself – and others around – with a spritz of chocolate dense enough to remain and cause a stir wherever you go:

Angel by Thierry Mugler
is the first in his signature collection which invokes a sweet, delicate smell that is infused with —- chocolate. Smart move Thierry.

Sephora Girls Fragrance in Blue is a collection piece of this beauty mecca’s fragrance line. Blue gives a fresh, sweet scent by joining chocolate and fresh mint fragrances.

For a smooth, clean feel, try Cocoa Butter Body Butter from the Body Shop. Philosophy not only offers an extensive facial lineup but is the master in creating body wash and lotions in a variety of “flavors” one has to stop themselves from gulping down. The three-in-one bath product can be used as a shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath – from Fudge Cake to a chocolate lover’s paradise (milk, white and dark chocolate in one special set). Immerse yourself in any of these chocolate-filled products that will make you believe you’ve become a tasty dessert.

Taste it.
These fun lip balms not only protect your lips and keep them smooth, but they will leave your kisses tasting yummy.

From left to right: Dylan’s Candy Bar Candy Lip Saver in Chocolate Cupcake, On10 Hershey’s Chocolate Lip Balm collection and Sweet Beauty Organic Chocolate lip moisturizer

Flaunt It.
From actual chocolate ingredients to chocolate-inspired, these beauty items help create a sexy, smokey look.

Givenchy’s eye shadow palette in Tempting Chocolate includes nine shades to play up the browns for a mild look to a chocolate smokey image.

For a light bronzed look, try Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder, which actually combines the therapeutic effects of real cocoa powder with their signature bronzing pigments to create a unique matte bronzer that neutralizes red and evens out and enhances all skin tones. Within the same line, Too Faced introduces high-quality mascara in a rich-chocolate hue for voluminous lashes, an alternative to the same black color you may always use.

Beauty is indeed in the nose of the beholder. Scoop up one or all of these intoxicating products for a lingering sweetness that will make your day even better.

About the Author
Nancy Mora currently works as a proofreader for a busy law firm but her exuberance derives from creative writing and bringing stories to life. She indulges in her weekly cravings from salads to chili cheese fries and is a obliging gym rat – minus the bulging muscles.

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