Skeletonwitch Skulltastic Interview

Evan “Loosh” Linger and Scott “Scunty D.” Hedrick of Ohio metal band Skeletonwitch caught up with me recently at their Pomona, California stop at the Glass House to discuss briefly their new album, current touring conditions and everything else thrown in between.
1. How is the current tour going?
Evan: I guess you saw us what a year ago? Oh then 3 months ago, it’s great everybody is great, we’ve been having a good time and the crowds have been great just enjoying it. It’s been awesome.
Scott: I second that – everybody from Alexi to the bus driver’s, everyone has been nice and making us feel welcomed, nobody is a dick, except to each other.
2. I saw via your Twitter you had all gotten drunk before playing a show?
Evan: You mean every day we play a show?
Scott: That was at the West Edmonton Mall, in Edmonton, Alberta.
Evan: What had happened is that we had drunk all of our beer, so there was no more beer, since we had all drank it all so that was weird.
Scott: That was the first time I had posted on Twitter actually, that tends to happen a lot but all of the guys love to drink beer.
3. What can be said that hasn’t been said about “Breathing The Fire,”?

Evan: That has not been said?

Scott: Oh let me tell you, Jack Endino, that did the artwork probably has the highest skull quotation.
Evan: Appropriately, 60 skulls, on the front and back,
Scott: It Jack Endino counted all of them.
4. Were there any songs that didn’t make the record that you had wished had made it?
Evan: Nope, everything that got written made it.
Scott: Nope we didn’t write 60 songs, and didn’t have our producer help us out, like having some leftovers lying around no, we wrote what we did, and that’s what got on it.
5. Any particular favorites you have off it?
Evan: Stand, Fight and Die.
Scott: Repulsive Salvation, that’s one of my favorites.
6. What do you think sets you apart from all the other metal bands out right now?
Evan: Probably the dick sizes.
Scott: I guess I would say, people don’t know where to place us. I’ve read all over, that death metal band Skeletonwitch, Black metal band Skeletonwitch, Thrash metal band Skeletonwitch, they can’t properly place us in the right spotlight. Basically, everybody thinks we’re something we’re not pretty much.
7. Have any plans for Halloween?
Evan: We’re gonna be on tour with Trap Them, Toxic Holocaust, and The Black Dahlia Murder over Halloween. Don’t think we’re going to be wearing any crazy costumes or anything like that. But before we’ve played shows on Halloween, we use to dress up as another type of band and play as a cover band, which was cool but this year, we’ll be playing on Halloween.
8. If you had a chance to do a cover of a beloved childhood classic which would you pick and why?
Evan: I’m not a fan of covers actually but good question.
Scott: I don’t have any desire to do any type of cover. Honestly, we’ve thrown around ideas here and there, Immortal, Guns n Roses, etc. We like doing what we do, those tracks are already made and we can’t fill someone else’s shoes.
9. Speaking of childhood, if you had to run into yourself 10 years ago and tell yourself what you’re in store for what would you say?
Evan: I don’t know, just buckle down, and practice, practice, practice.
Scott: I’m 26 so at 16, I would tell myself don’t get those 2 underage consumptions you’re about to get, that won’t be good on your behalf.
Evan: The Doc told Marty McFly, don’t get in contact with your past self, or it’ll forever change the events in the future.
Scott: I agree with that.
10. Anything else you’d like to add?
Evan: Well we have a new record out, and its awesome kids are coming out to our shows, and that means a lot to us.
Scott: Thanks for supporting our band, and helping us do what we love doing.
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