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We would like to think that we started it all here in the “City of Angels,” with the original “Roach Coach”. Taco trucks have long been a staple in L.A., but mostly for day workers at a construction site or wasted club kids at 2am. In recent months, L.A. has been home to gourmet trucks wandering the streets featuring anything from delectable deserts to international delights. Check out our guide to these fine on-the-go feasts here:
Kogi BBQ came on the scene with a bang and started the run-around-L.A.-for-your-food trend. With a creative menu consisting of Korean short rib tacos, Kim-Chi Quesadillas and Kogi Sliders, Koji gave L.A. just what they were looking for. Chef Roy is constantly coming up with daily specials, which keep Angelinos coming back for more. Their three trucks roam L.A., with updates posted to Twitter and their website.
Let’s face it, as Pinkberry inspired frozen yogurt, The Kogi BBQ truck inspired Calbi BBQ. Calbi has two trucks to cover L.A. This truck frequently shows up on the Westside and boasts an assortment of tacos, burritos and quesadillas.
Bool BBQ mixes Korean-Brazilian flavors with the popular menu items of Korean BBQ tacos and Pastels (a Brazilian, fried turnover).
Marked 5 is a new face on the streets featuring Japanese-style burgers. Exotic concoctions of beef/pork/salmon or tofu on a rice bun with special sauces and fresh veggies are the main attraction, brought to you by five friends to enchant your five senses. Japanese specialty snacks and drinks are also available.
Don Chow Tacos adds another spin on tacos, this time with a Chinese flair. The menu has traditional Mexican cuisine, along with fusion Kung Pao Chicken, Soy-Ginger shrimp and Chinese BBQ Pork Tacos.
You can’t miss the bright red truck of Let’s be Frank regularly posted around Silver Lake and Culver City. Offering gourmet grass fed beef hot dogs, sausages and brats, the company works with local artisans and producers, and their food is free of hormones, antibiotics and nitrates.
For those wanting a healthier meal, look for the Green Truck On the Go. This truck only serves local, organic foods such as their signature organic vegan burger, Falafel wrap and fresh melon fresca. Committed to the environment all around, they use solar power, biodegradable packaging, environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies and the trucks run off of recycled vegetable oil.
The famous Barbie’s Q has been serving finger-licking good ole BBQ receipts in Santa Monica for years. They took it mobile to better distribute their mouth-watering BBQ ribs, brisket, pork-pulled sandwiches and sliders.
The Border Grill Truck from famed “Too Hot Tamales” Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, comes a mobile menu of gourmet tacos, quesadillas and ceviches.
Putting a spot on the map for Indian food is the Dosa Truck. Dubbed “Slumdog Street Food with a California Twist,” the Dosa truck serves up made to order homemade chutneys, dosa, mango lassis and homemade ginger limeade.
Fish Lips Sushi specializes in yummy rolls from everything to the special fish lips roll (Soy sheet, Avocado, Cucumber, Asparagus, Crab meat, Tuna, White Tuna, White fish, Salmon, Tamari-Sauce, Hot-Sauce, Mayonnaise) to the standard California Roll (Avocado, Cucumber, Crab meat, Mayonnaise, Sesame).
Fresh on the scene is the Vietnamese food truck Nom Nom Truck that specializes in Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches. Traditionally served with charcuterie and pickled vegetables on French bread, this meal also can come with a side of spring rolls or lemongrass tacos.
The Sprinkles Cupcake Van took the Beverly Hills hot spot mobile with their brown van to spread the love of sweet butter cream and bittersweet Belgium chocolate.
More sweet stuff comes your way with the Coolhaus Truck. Freya and Natasha are two female architects that came up with the idea for the perfectly constructed organic ice cream sandwiches in tasty “prefab” flavors like oatmeal cinnamoneo and Richard Meyer Lemon Ginger.
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