Cosmetic Surgery Becoming a Growing Trend Among Men

Surprisingly, women are no longer the only ones seeking cosmetic surgery as men around the world face growing concern over “moobs” (“man boobs”). Cosmetic Surgery Guru reports that the recent economic downturn is partly to blame for this new trend as men attempt to boost their confidence in an increasingly competitive job market. Despite the weak economy, men have opted for male breast reductions, Botox and laser hair removal of the back.

Some scientists believe that food and drinks containing high levels of the female hormone oestrogen are to blame for Gynaecomastia, coined “man boobs.” According to Bryan Mayou of London’s Cardogan Clinic, he sees “an increasing number of men coming into [his] clinic with body-image problems and low self-esteem because of this particular condition.”

As the weather warms up, summertime is said to be the worst as men feel most inhibited. Normally, they would remove clothing in hot weather or when swimming but the condition prevents them from feeling comfortable enough to do so.

The Dubai Congress on Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine (DCAAAM) reports, “Men now account for one in every five of Dubai’s cosmetic surgery patients.” Gynaecomastia currently affects 40 – 60% of men to varying degrees, although the figure is said to rise along with obesity rates.

So, what can men do to naturally rid themselves of “man boobs”? Fitness gurus suggest finding cardiovascular exercises to do regularly. Anything like jogging, walking, using ellipticals or treadmills will help rid “man boobs” for good.

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