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Makeup Review: ModelCo Liplights Lipstick, Perfect for the Dark

Have you ever wanted to touch up your makeup but found that it was too dark to do so? Well, ModelCo came up with the perfect solution to help ladies everywhere touch up their lipstick in the dark. LipLights Lipstick comes with a built in flashlight and mirror, perfect for […]

Get Him To The Güg

“Art is unnecessary, and that’s what makes it cool when it works.” -unknown My mind often turns to a class I had in college when I think of moving from journalism and expanding my photographic work to more commercial and artistic endeavors; in an art appreciation class my professor posed […]

Top 5 Retro Cameras

The days of toting around a camera that looks like a digital cigarette case are over. In today’s world, you need more fire power. A full on D-SLR with a massive lens can totally cramp your style at most events. Take a look at these compact cameras which are as […]

The Right Tool For the Job: Picking the Right Camera

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”-Ansel Adams Technology is moving at lightning pace these days. In the computer industry, cell phones, and especially in photography, there are advances everyday that are both dynamic and overwhelming when trying […]