Iration Releases New Album and Kicks Off 2018 Tour

Reggae-influenced alternative rock band Iration has released their new self-titled full-length studio album on (5/18) via their own label, Three Prong Records. The 17-track album–currently sitting at #1 on the […]


Q & A with Los Angeles Singer Rae 1. You just performed at Les Deux earlier this week and the crowd really enjoyed the show. How do you feel about your performance?It was awesome, thank you DisarrayMagazine for coming out & giving me my first interview!!! The crowd had amazing energy, which always makes me perform better. […]

Band Spotlight: The 88

“All in all, The 88 are a great band, they’re really happy to play with each other, the shows have been fantastic, and we all consider ourselves very lucky,” says Todd O’Keefe, bass player for L.A.-based band The 88—a band you’ve probably heard, but you might not know it yet. […]