Coffeehouses in the South Bay

These days, coffeehouses are few and far between. Fortunately the South Bay cities offer just a few independent coffeehouses that provide local flair and flavor. These unique coffee shops each offer something different to bring to the table. Four coffeehouses were reviewed over the last month and this is how […]

Fall Fashion Forward

Just because we don’t experience a prominent change of season in the City of Angels, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the newest looks for the fall. Check out some of these hot looks: Neon Pink Shockingly sexy neon pink is seen on everything from frilly dresses to bold accessories. Ultra […]

Slider Central

Angelenos have always been crazy about all things small; check out the women, smart cars and studio apartments. Indulge in some of these tasty mini treats featured all around the city. Chicken and Waffle Sliders These tasty treats are brought to you by the fine folks at South in Santa […]

Top 10 Gifts for Travelers

It is about that time of year again, to spread goodwill and cheer by the presenting of gifts to family and friends. Due to the current state of the economy, hold off on the four piece Louis Vuitton luggage set and give something handy to your favorite jet setter this […]