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Live Review: Cartier Exhibition at Prague Castle

Diamonds are forever, and Cartier hopes to be doing business in them for just as long. The Prague Castle, the site of “The Power of Style” exhibition was an ironic choice: The building is just a stone throw away from the Charle’s Bridge where Kanye West filmed the music video […]


Paparazzi Loving Styles

Remember when we used to look to models and designers for the hottest trends and latest fashion scoop? Well now the line between model and movie star is blurring. Often times, the paparazzi care more about the label the celebrity is wearing, than who is directing their next film. However, […]

Best Los Angeles Boutiques

Everybody does it…Some may do it once a day…Others may do it several times a day…Check out what others are wearing that is! Have you ever been walking down the street and had the urge to ask a complete stranger where they bought their jeans? Do you use Post-It notes […]

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