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Berry Lips, Barrymore and Glam Eyes: Maybelline Review

I love a good smoky eye. The drama, the contrast, the power, the bit of mystery—it is all just so perfect. It can be done in different ways, with myriad shades and varying levels of intensity. For nearly every makeup-wearing day for years, I have carefully applied a smoky eye […]

BellaSole Shoes Rescue Women from Painful Heels

Identification, check.Debit card, check.Lip gloss, check.Cell phone, check.This is every girl’s mental checklist before going out for a night on the town. Now, however, thanks to BellaSole Shoes this essential list just got an addition with their portable shoes. BellaSole packaging Portable shoes? Yes, portable shoes for the end of the evening […]

Haute Trends for Summer

Does the idea of summer put you into a frenzy because it conjures up images of frizzy hair and pasty white legs? Does it seem your closet has swallowed everything you own except baggy sweaters? Don’t let the stress of summer keep you trapped indoors this season. Follow our fashion […]