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Makeup Review: ModelCo Liplights Lipstick, Perfect for the Dark

Have you ever wanted to touch up your makeup but found that it was too dark to do so? Well, ModelCo came up with the perfect solution to help ladies everywhere touch up their lipstick in the dark. LipLights Lipstick comes with a built in flashlight and mirror, perfect for […]


Best Los Angeles Boutiques

Everybody does it…Some may do it once a day…Others may do it several times a day…Check out what others are wearing that is! Have you ever been walking down the street and had the urge to ask a complete stranger where they bought their jeans? Do you use Post-It notes […]

Haute Trends for Summer

Does the idea of summer put you into a frenzy because it conjures up images of frizzy hair and pasty white legs? Does it seem your closet has swallowed everything you own except baggy sweaters? Don’t let the stress of summer keep you trapped indoors this season. Follow our fashion […]

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