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Interview with Anne Riley-Katz of

We recently caught up with journalist Anne Riley-Katz of, one of the bloggers who attended the WWDMAGIC/Teen Vogue tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV with creator Erin Weinger. Check out our interview with Katz as she discussed the MAGIC tradeshow, fashion tips and her goals. 1. How does it feel to be […]


Interview with Chris Dudley of Underoath Before the show on 1/26 at the House of Blues in LA, I caught up with Chris Dudley, Keyboardist of “Underoath” and asked him a few questions Nicole Lemberg: On Wikipedia, it says the meaning of Underoath is “Something from the bible” can you elaborate? Chris Dudley: Actually no, […]

DJ Spotlight: Interview with Cowboy Mike

We caught up with Cowboy Mike before his San Diego show with Above&Beyond. The self-taught DJ discussed his musical goals, current projects and upcoming tour. If you’re unfamiliar with Cowboy Mike, check out the video below to see how he gets a party going: Get to know Cowboy Mike and […]

Interview with Female Pop/Hip-Hop Artist Keldamuzik

This weeks’ artist spotlight is on Keldamuzik, an Oakland native who’s representing for female hip-hop artists from the Bay area. Her lyrical styles reminded us a bit of Kid Sister and her femme fatale attitude is sure to give any diva a run for her money. Keldamuzik has collaborated with artists in Barbados […]

Interview with Stuntman Shane Daniels

You might recognize him from American Ninja Warriors 1 and 2 or as a freestyle runner/Parkour enthusiast in the Santa Monica area. Shane Daniels, the half English/Filipino with model looks, is making a name for himself as he takes on Hollywood as a stuntman. Check out our interview with Daniels […]

Artist Spotlight: Interview with Phil Kim

Art by Phil Kim When I think of art, I tend to put them into several categories. First, there’s art that, when placed in a room, can accentuate the look and feel of any space. Then, there’s art that elicits emotions, gets the mind racing and even helps with escapism. […]

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