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Fashion Recap: Parke and Ronen, Graffinis Swimwear and Heart Attack

Article by Guest Reviewer Isabel Bowser / Creative Director of BIKINI SHELL As things wrapped up down the street at Sunset Gower Studios, the night was just getting started at Club Vanguard in Hollywood as fashionistas waited in line for a night of runway looks and cool beats courtesy of […]


Interview with Anne Riley-Katz of

We recently caught up with journalist Anne Riley-Katz of, one of the bloggers who attended the WWDMAGIC/Teen Vogue tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV with creator Erin Weinger. Check out our interview with Katz as she discussed the MAGIC tradeshow, fashion tips and her goals. 1. How does it feel to be […]

L.A. Fashion Weekend Daytime Review: Day 2

Day 2 of L.A. Fashion Weekend’s daytime show at Sunset Gower Studios drew a larger crowd compared to the previous night’s festivities. During the day, student-funded non-profit The Green Initiative Humanitarian Fashion Show featured eco-friendly lines by KeoK’jay, Jonano, Kristinit and Emily Factor. Familiar famous faces in the audience include […]

L.A. Fashion Weekend Wrap Up: Day 1

L.A. Fashion Weekend kicked off at Sunset Gower Studios Friday night with an opening performance by Christina Milian, who also debuted her line of sunglasses. Fashion lovers gathered around the runway to watch bikini bodies debut lines by a.Che, Kooey and Teeki. Check out our live coverage: Attendees mingled, enjoyed […]

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