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Live Review: Connie Lim – MILCK @ The Viper Room Connie Lim has a voice to be reckoned with. She can also play a mean keyboard. Lim performed at the Viper Room Saturday night and the words, “Powerful Vocals,” summed up her entire show. The night was a celebration for Lim as she opened her set with the premiere […]

Paparazzi Loving Styles

Remember when we used to look to models and designers for the hottest trends and latest fashion scoop? Well now the line between model and movie star is blurring. Often times, the paparazzi care more about the label the celebrity is wearing, than who is directing their next film. However, […]

Beat the Heat: 10 Summer Must Have Items

Looking to achieve flawless beauty this summer without spending an arm and a leg? Well, the beauty industry’s most notable experts have gathered a list of products to help you look like a VIP without shelling out big bucks. The VIP Beauty Expert panel includes top hair stylist Sam McKnight, […]