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Jessyca Dewey

Live Review: Unique LA – Refreshing, Like a Cold Drink of Water

Hundreds of local artists and creators set up shop at this summer’s Unique LA. If you went to UNIQUE LA this weekend expecting to stop in for an hour or so, you probably left feeling something akin to a hangover – the effects of too much, too quickly and too […]


Live Review: Artisanal LA Holiday Pop-Up Shop It sure doesn’t feel like Christmas outside. At 85 degrees in the middle of December, L.A. residents (remotely like me), are more than pleased with every little reminder that it’s the holiday season. This time of year, we relish the scent of our freshly cut pine tree with its string […]

Live Review: Artisanal LA Weekend Wrap Up Apparently, Los Angeles foodies are a tenacious bunch. Not even a huge line of 15,000 runners snaking their way through downtown L.A. for the Rock ’n’ Roll Half Marathon could keep this crowd from showing up to Artisanal LA on its second day, Sunday, Oct. 24. Despite the more-than-inconvenient […]