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Martin Reichert of Dark Age Interviewed

Melodic German death metallers Dark Age, have presented us with their keyboardist Martin Reichert, who spoke about the band’s formation, latest album and upcoming plans leading straight into the New Year. 1. Why the name Dark Age? Martin Reichert: When the band was formed in 1995, we chose the band […]

Brief Interview with Afternoon Brother

Sacramento natives, Afternoon Brother, sat down for a brief interview with Disarray Magazine’s Eric Mora before their performance at The Smell in Downtown Los Angeles. For the concert review, check out: 60 Watt Kid, Afternoon Brother, and Mason Lindahl Rock The Smell Disarray Mag: So we’re here with Afternoon Brother, […]

Interview with 60 Watt Kid

Before taking the stage at the Downtown Los Angeles venue The Smell, the 60 Watt Kid sat down with Disarray Magazine writer Eric Mora. Discussing everything from musical influences to crazy road stories, read on to find out more about the band. Disarray Mag: So we’re here with 60 Watt […]

Dating Tips: What Not to Say

Everyone gets nervous on a first date, but these lapses in judgment could get you a glass of wine in the face. We’ve all been there: that nervous, clammy first date with the hottie sitting across the table. Not knowing anything about her, you struggle for words…conversation and the comment […]