Gift Guide Spotlight: TP Kits

Have a friend or family member who loves the outdoors? We’ve found the perfect practical git for them. Simple and well-designed, these 100% biodegradable kits consisting of toilet paper and sanitizing wipes are the ultimate essential for your adventures. TP Kits are useful on road trips, especially when the great outdoors turns into your bathroom while running, hiking, camping or any other recreational excursions. Each packet comes with five 2-ply tissues, two wet wipes and a resealable package.

How It Got Started

Dave and his two sons, Luke and Zach love the outdoors and head for the mountains whenever they can find time. Most times the were hauling their  dirt bikes or even their horses. Dave the forever scout was always prepared with his little container of toilet paper on hand, but his boys Luke and Zach never packed any and would steal his, like they do with all his stuff. While out on a trail Dave headed into the woods for a little privacy, only to find that his sons had left him with an empty container! 

After some shouted profanity and having to make do with whatever he could find, he came out mad and with an idea. 

Prepackaged toilet paper, that you simply had to grab it, throw it in your pack and go, no preparation or forethought necessary, and even better lets include hand wipes! So with this idea in mind, he put Luke to work making it happen after many unfortunate situations and hours of field testing, TP kits became the reality they are today, the perfect companion for any adventure!

Where to Buy

TP Kits can be purchased on their website at


Singles $2.00, 10 Pack $10.00

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