Review: KeySmart Pro with Tile Smart Location


Gone are the days of “losing your keys,” thanks to a product that was sent over to us to review, called KEY|SMART. The device has bluetooth enabled technology and once you pair it with your phone or tablet, you can easily locate your keys via the Tile app, which shows you exactly where your keys are located on a map.


The keychain is compact and my keys are organized. Once the keychain is paired with your phone, it will make a jingle and when you search for your keys via the Tile app, it plays a song so you can easily locate your keys on the go.  Pairing and set up was extremely easy to do and took less than five minutes. In addition to how simple it was to set up, once the keys are installed, they become organized and you can also store up to 14 keys. Did I mention it comes with a built-in bottle opener?


Installing your keys on the KEY|SMART keychain can be a challenge if you’re not equipped with a screw driver and steady hands. After about 20 minutes and some fumbling, my keys now swivel in and out of the keychain like a Swiss Army knife. Unfortunately, a bit of weight has been added to my set of keys, but that is an OK trade-off for never having to lose my keys ever again.

Where to Buy:

Priced at $59.99, you can purchase the product online at the site below as well as Brookstone and other hardware stores. Use the Store Locator to find one near you.

For more information, visit 

Author: Christy Scronce

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