Review: High Brew Coffee, Cold Brew in a Can

For those looking for a low calorie jolt of energy in a can, you’re in luck as I just tried out High Brew Coffee. Each can offers 8 ounces of cold-brew deliciousness and has a smooth, bold taste that is rich in antioxidants. Keep reading to learn more about High Brew coffee. 

Who Created It?
Founded by David and Elizabeth Smith, two entrepreneurs who sailed to the Caribbean with their kids, they were on a mission to deliver premium Fair Trade Arabica beans for those busy and on the go. Learn about their team by visiting:

The Taste Test
The High Brew coffee team (thanks Krista), sent over two flavors including, the dairy-free “Black and Bold” as well as “Double Espresso.” According to their site, there’s another flavor, “Mexican Vanilla.” I’m guessing there’s a hint of cinnamon in it.

So, I tried the “Black and Bold” flavor on a busy Friday afternoon at work around my usual 3pm slump time. I got a cup, filled it with ice and poured myself  some High Brew. To my surprise, not only was it delicious but it didn’t have an overly acidic or bitter taste, which I’m pretty accustomed to. It got the job done and I swear, I worked faster, hit my deadline, finished my project and was ready to enjoy the weekend. I felt like Popeye eating a can of spinach. To be honest, most cold brew coffees give me a jittery feeling, but High Brew did not, I felt fine and that made my day. Additionally, I didn’t feel the usual caffeine crash where my energy is sucked out and I feel like I just want to take a nap. 

Where Can You  Find High Brew? 
For those in Marina Del Rey, CA – High Brew can be found at Ralphs, Sprouts and Target. I used the Store Finder ( and will be on the hunt for the “Mexican Vanilla” flavor. 

For more information, make sure to visit: 

Author: Christy Scronce

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