Pantyraid Announce New Album And 2016 Tour Dates: AFTERGLOW

Their first project since the viral album Pillowtalk in 2013, DJ/production duo Pantyraid, a pairing ofThe Glitch Mob’s Josh Mayer and South African producer Marty Party, comes a brand new full-length LP Afterglow. Due out April 29th via The Glitch Mob’s Glass Air imprint, Afterglow hears Pantyraid return with their sensual bass music that combines elements of hip-hop, R&B, and electronic music for a club sound with unignorable sex appeal. 

Beginning in 2008, Meyer and Marty sparked the Pantyraid project from a long-standing friendship. Going on to produce two critically acclaimed album’s (2009’s The Sauce and 2013’s Pillowtalk), Pantyraid have dominated the airwaves, and club and festival circuit for the better half of the decade.“Our music comes out of our closeness, and the way we’re working through life together trying to stay humble, honest, good people while also attempting to inspire, create and be passionate about our shared vision,” Meyer says. “A lot of emotions are put into our music.”

For Afterglow, the duo finds themselves exploring new sonic territory with a softer-edged approach that ultimately creates a body of work that proves electronic music can be danceable and deeply stirring.“These are love songs for the club,” Marty says of the new album. “They’ll make you dance your ass off, and give you an emotional charge.” First single “Wanting Moves,” dropping April 1st, relishes in Pantyraid’s signature anthemic sound that finds the producer’s delving into swaggering, hip-hop beats. Second single “Six AM,” out April 15th, features vocalist Bobby Saint and takes listener’s into the realm of R&B for a seductive single packed with an enamoring chorus and unmistakable hook. Altogether, Afterglow is ten tracks of genre-bending sound that emphasize Pantyraid’s role as tastemaking trailblazers. 
Out April 29th, Afterglow is the third album from a pair who would rather drop full projects than an online paper trail of one-off tracks and teasers during hiatuses. For Pantyraid fans, this one is well worth the wait.
See Pantyraid on tour April through October at a number of cities and festivals nationwide. It all kicks off April 16th Coachella’s Do Lab Stage.

APRIL 26-The Do Lab Stage @ Coachella- INDIO, CA
MAY 6-Varsity Theater- BATON ROUGE, LA
MAY 7- Republic- NEW ORLEANS, LA 
MAY 14- Monarch- PHOENIX, AZ
MAY 20- Elecktricity- PONTIAC, MI
MAY 21- U Street Music Hall- WASHINGTON, D.C
MAY 27-29- Lighting In A Bottle- BRADLEY, CA
JUNE 2-6- Infrasound Festival- HIGHBRIDGE, WI 
JUNE 10- Euphoria Nightclub- PORTLAND, OR
JUNE 11- Public Works- SAN FRANCISCO, CA
JULY14-17- Camp Bisco- SCRANTON, PA
JULY 22-24- Enchanted Forest Gathering- LAYTONVILLE, CA

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