Video Games Live Announces 45 New Shows Across 20 Countries

Video Games Live, the largest and longest running video game concert in the world continues its 13 year history announced 45 new performances worldwide. Video Games Live continues to set Guinness World Records for the longest running symphony show of its kind.
Having already performed 21 shows in 2015, Video Games Live will be performing 16 shows on 4 continents over the next month including the historic Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado with the Colorado Symphony as well as teaming up with Gamescom (the biggest video game convention in the world) for 4 shows in Cologne, Germany.  Aside from its normal shows, Video Games Live will also be taking part in Valve’s Dota 2 Championship – “The International” opening ceremony in the KeyArena in Seattle as well as providing the on stage entertainment for the nationally televised Panoramic Game Awards in Shanghai, China.
25 year video game composer veteran and creator of Video Games Live, Tommy Tallarico says, “It’s been such a great honor to be able to bring this music to the world for so long.  Each year the show gets bigger and better thanks to the amazing audiences who continuously help us to spread the word.  We owe everything to our fans around the world.”
A big key to the success of Video Games Live is the ever changing setlist and new material that is constantly being worked on and added to the show..  2015 has been no exception with the introduction of new segments and World Premieres from game franchises such as Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor and Heroes of the Storm, Capcom’s Phoenix Wright and Devil May Cry, Doublefine’s Grim Fandango and Broken Age as well as other well known franchises including ICO, Syberia, NEIR, The Banner Saga and many more on the way.  The audience can help decide the setlist for each show by going to the Video Games Live Facebook Events page for the performance in their area and listing the songs and games they would like to hear.
Current Tour Dates
August 2, 2015           Cedar Park, TX
August 3, 2015           Seattle, WA (Dota 2 – “The International” Opening Ceremony)
August 5, 2015           Morrison, CO
August 7, 2015           Cologne, Germany
August 8, 2015           Cologne, Germany
August 8, 2015           Cologne, Germany
August 9, 2015           Cologne, Germany
August 13, 2015         Beijing, China
August 14, 2015         Beijing, China
August 16, 2015         Shanghai, China
August 20, 2015         Shenzhen, China
August 29, 2015         Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
September 12, 2015   Dubai, UAE
October                      Brazil
October                      Chile
October                      Taiwan
October                      Hong Kong
November 6, 2015      Madrid, Spain
November 7, 2015      Madrid, Spain
November 14, 2015    Frankfurt, Germany
November 15, 2015    Hamburg, Germany
November 16, 2015    Katowice, Poland
January 2, 2016          Newark, NJ
January 17, 2016        Orlando, FL
January 23, 2016        Richmond, VA
January 29, 2016        Toledo, OH
January 30, 2016        Lorain, OH
February 12, 2016      Monterrey, Mexico
February 13, 2016      Mexico City, Mexico
March 4, 2016            Doha, Qatar
March 10, 2016          Richmond, KY
March 19, 2016          Birmingham, England
March 20, 2016          London, England
March 20, 2016          London, England
March 21, 2016          Zurich, Switzerland
March 22, 2016          Zurich, Switzerland
March 23, 2016          Munich, Germany
March 24, 2016          Vienna, Austria
March 26, 2016          Stuttgart, Germany
April 6, 2016               Calgary, AB
May 1, 2016                Dublin, Ireland
For ticketing and venue information please visit:

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