Restaurant Spotlight: Sqirl Jam Becomes an L.A. Eatery

It’s hard to describe Sqirl – after all, when a small DELICIOUS local jam company becomes an eatery, you’re happy to be able to get coffee with their jams on giant slices of toast and some other baked goods to slather them on. However, the range of savory, non-jam dishes they have on their menu is not only wide but inventive and delicious – just like their jam flavors.

The location, the patrons, and the almond milk cappuccino served in mason-jars-wrapped-in-felt is at caricature-level hipster but before you judge, try the Kokuho Rose Brown Rice Bowl with nut-free Sorrel Pesto. It’s so delicious, it almost makes waxed, handle-bar mustaches look sexy.

For more information, visit:


720 N Virgil Ave #4
Los Angeles CA 90029

M–F 6:30a–4p, S–S 8a–4p

All images sourced from Sqirl

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Barndi loves the City of Angeles and her passion is to help others feel the same way.  Whether it’s by sharing the best route from Laurel Canyon to Rustic Canyon on Friday night (Mulholland to Sunset to San Vicente) to the best yogurt parfait in the city (Bouchon Bakery), she will do what it takes to make you fall in love. You can find @barndi on most digital platforms, including here at Disarray Magazine!

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