Sight and Sound Collide at the Getty Museum

A view worth the traffic getting there.

Against its iconic backdrop, the Getty Museum entertains their visitors with Los Angeles-based electronic musicians Robert DeLong and DJ Paul Boston. The weekend event is one of many in the Saturdays Off the 405 series, offering patrons a chance to relax and enjoy some music after a long day walking the museum grounds.

Locally based Golden Road Brewing offered their Hefeweizen on tap for those looking to enjoy the evening with one of L.A.’s finest craft beers, with the cool summer breeze setting a perfect evening mood. Other nights might focus on funk, blues, folk or R&B, but electronic ruled the evening during this event. The musicians’ performed an incredible set and kept the crowd dancing into the night.

Musician Robert DeLong hosts the Getty.

With their support of talented musicians and free entry to the public, the Getty aims to convert music lovers into regular visitors, and perhaps convince a few regulars to let their hair down and celebrate.

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Photos courtesy of Amber Noel (@i8veggies)

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Dan Noel is a San Francisco transplant covering music, video games and whatever is thrown his way. Follow him on Twitter:@Hurrican3Dan

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