Live Review: Dirt Nasty and Beardo @ The Viper Room

Dirt Nasty and Beardo fans congregated at the historic Viper Room nightclub on the Sunset Strip for a pre-New Year’s party Sunday night. Actor David Faustino (Bud Bundy) and rappers Too Short, Riff Raff and Cadalack Ron were in attendance to support former-MTV VJ Simon Rex turned rapper (Dirt Nasty). For those unaware, Dirt Nasty is the King of the Anti-After School Special and if you missed out last night, don’t worry. We were there and documented the entire show consisting of live performances including, “1980,” “Droppin Names,” “My Dick,” “Suck My Dick” and “Drugs On My Mind,” among others.

Upon arrival, we caught Beardo aka, “The Trailer Park Hero,” rocking out onstage performing his song, “John Lennon.” If you’ve ever watched him live, it’s hard to disagree that Beardo’s white-trash, unapologetic confidence definitely makes for an entertaining show. (Think Trailer Park Boys meets Mick Jagger).
Other songs performed included, “Rockin Roll” and “Space,” both of which were included on the brand new Attack Decay CD Beardo handed out to the crowd.

(We’d be remiss not to mention the fact that Beardo’s mullet, in all its glory, glistened under The Viper Room spotlight that night as fans sang along to every single lyric).

After Beardo’s set, the black curtains closed and fans flocked to the bar to maintain their inebriated state. The clock hit 11pm and the curtains slowly re-opened. Fans screamed as Dirt Nasty stood there in the center of the stage wearing a jacket and orange sunglasses. Instantly, the entire venue was engulfed with the sounds of cheering, whistling and clapping.

After greeting the crowd, Dirt Nasty clowned on the Mayans since they trolled the world into thinking the apocalypse was taking place on 12/21/12. Dirt said, “Fuck the Mayans! The world is just beginning dumb asses.” The crowd erupted in laughter and throughout the night, Dirt made several jabs towards the Mayans. The audience ate it up.

He then opened his set with, “Fuck Me I’m Famous.” Viper Room guests sang along in unison as Dirt sang, “High on cocaine, you know my name, grab my gold chain, fuck me I’m famous. All the girls want to fuck me I’m famous…”

(Not going to lie. It was a bit eerie hearing the lyrics chanted over and over, while inside the iconic venue where one of my favorite actors River Phoenix, died out front of a drug overdose). 

See Dirt Nasty perform “Fuck Me I’m Famous” live from the dimly-lit Viper Room:

Dirt Nasty continued to crack up the crowd and joked that “Arsenio Hall was in the house with his long ass fingers,” and then Dirt asked the audience, “Don’t you hate when you’re sick and you can’t do coke? First world white girl problems.” The crowd cheered and laughed hysterically, reminiscent of being at a stand-up comedy show. 

After getting the crowd to chant “Beardo” over and over, Dirt Nasty performed, “Cracker Ass Fantastic,” a song about falling in love with a Chola from the perspective of a white male. In this song, Dirt Nasty chronicles what it’s like assimilating into a different culture while referencing some Hispanic stereotypes.

For those who need a refresher, listen here: 

Next, clips from the cartoon, Family Guy blasted on the big screen inside the venue while Dirt performed “Baby Dick.” Just as the title suggests, the song is about a minuscule penis and in this case, Dirt Nasty pokes fun at himself throughout the entire song.

We got a snippet of the dimly-lit performance below:

Transporting fans to Asia, Dirt Nasty performed the song, “Big In Japan.” In true Dirt fashion, the opening lines are meant to shock you with:

I’m big in Japan, so’s my dick
Eat my eggroll with ya chopsticks, bitch
Tokyo, here I come
I’m not that dumb to bring drugs through customs
Yummy, yummy, me so hungry
Get in me belly, toro with wasabi

Listen to it here:

Next, Dirt called up Riff Raff and Cadalack Ron to the stage. As they performed, the crowd enjoyed every minute of it. They proved that white boys can hold it down and rap. The crowd’s reaction said it all: Fists in the air, middle fingers swaying and girls dancing wildly, proved it. 
The night continued with the catchy medley, “What Do You Say?” The song originally features Mickey Avalon, Andre Legacy and Cisco Adler but they weren’t in attendance the night of the show. Then, Dirt Nasty took it back to 2008 by performing, “Droppin’ Names.”

Check out some bootleg highlights from the show as I tried to avoid being trampled: 

“1980” Live at the Viper Room

“My Dick” Live at the Viper Room

“Suck My Dick” Live at the Viper Room

“Boombox” Live at the Viper Room

The night concluded with “1980” followed by “My Dick.” Then, Dirt Nasty told the crowd, “I love you. Happy New Year motherfuckers! I love you guys!” 

So, if you’re a fan of comedy, lots of cocaine/drug references, sexual innuendos: sucking dick jokes, momma’s titties jokes, then you will definitely be entertained at the next Dirt Nasty show. Dirt Nasty’s audience consists of a bunch of fun-loving party animals.

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Notable Viper Room Fact:
Did you know: Actor River Phoenix of  the classic movie Stand By Me, died of a drug overdose outside of The Viper Room on October 30th in 1993? Johnny Depp was the club owner at the time. #TheMoreYouKnow

(All photos and videos shot by my iPhone) 

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